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257 The Moment of Truth (2010-12-02)

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0:00:00ACC: “Inventing the wheel in advance in case we have to! Huh?” (1:44:03)
0:00:37JCD’s amateur radio call sign KJ6LNG; WikiLeaks dominating news, anachronistic “cables”
0:03:12Producer Segment: IP address lookup accessed by
0:10:14State Department leak: Dennis Miller on Julian Assange: “they should off him just because he’s a pale dweeb”; Jon Stewart: “who put Perez Hilton in charge of our diplomatic corps?”; Carl Bernstein on “terrific stories”; The Guardian first choice of stories, Bank of America stock down; Robert Gates downplays severity in PBS interview; Andrea Mitchell: State Department “nightmare”, Hillary Clinton’s weekend on phone, computer system changed “to better protect diplomatic secrets from Pentagon access”, re-examination of post-9/11 information sharing
0:24:50Pentagon spokesman Geoff Morrell to Megyn Kelly on Robert Gates not using Cyber Command, “not appropriate”, Kelly aghast at non-censorship, “indispensable power” meme; Jon Stewart on Hillary Clinton’s embarrassment: “you know she’s married to this guy, right?”
0:34:49Interpol “red alert” for Assange, mother Christine Assange running puppet theater; creepy murals at Bank of America headquarters; BBC on leaked Russia “virtual mafia state” from Spanish judge; Vladimir Putin on Larry King, Russia gets 2018 World Cup after Putin defends FIFA, Putin on aiding coalition in Afghanistan; JCD recommends The International film
0:47:57S.510 FDA Food Safety Modernization Act passed; National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform report The Moment of Truth recommending higher taxes and older retirement age, elite Commission member roster, ACC on national debt held by foreign banks
1:02:57Christine Lagarde “shut up slave” for soccer player proposing bank run
1:05:15Andrew Napolitano on Oregon FBI patsy’s thought crimes; DHS FAST Future Attribute Screening Technology for “large sporting events, border crossings, or airports”; DHS Faraday envelopes; Bob Barr: “they haven’t thwarted anything”, “WMD” full of sawdust, entrapment defense gutted; article on CIA control of NPR, “weird” Ford Foundation grants
1:23:48Donation Segment: sumo’s deep ties with yakuza; Clinton Haiti fund refund
1:33:37Haitian candidate 70-year-old woman Mirlande Manigat; Red Cross boots on the ground: “most people are still living in tents”, “incredibly complicated” to find land to build on, “very difficult to prove ownership of land”; “pathetic” Clinton-Bush Haiti Fund website $52M
1:43:07TSA bus station checkpoint in Tampa looking for “bulk cash smuggling”, VIPR Visible Intermodal Prevention and Response, idiot man on the street “I feel safe knowin’ that I get on the bus and I’m not gonna blow up”
1:46:27Much-anticipated NASA news conference; Yemen vortex disturbing Jet Stream, Gulf of Aden navy roster, Europe snowed under by extreme weather
1:49:55Biodiversitée: Royal Society paper calls for measures to “halt economic growth”, “politicians should consider a rationing system”, JCD: “wear more layers”
1:54:47And Now Back to Real News: Extra weekly wrap; Randy Quaid death scenarios for Esquire; Ronni Chasen “Mozambiqued”, “person of interest” shoots himself in head, Burlesque director Steven Antin, Clint Culpepper “gay mafia hit”; BP recovery head killed in small plane crash
2:07:26Trains Good Planes Bad: accidental nosedive due to copilot fumble; bird flu “just a plane ride away”; mercury turning birds gay; Whole Foods Dover sole with “less mercury”
2:12:11Producer note on surgical masks required for unvaccinated hospital workers, ACC’s chemtrails
2:14:12Crappy Hell’s Kitchen “screaming match” teaser, “that’s my baby boy!” hysteria
2:17:43TSA: parents should tell kids that being molested is “a game”; ACC reading Eighteen Acres