Call Clooney!

256 Cheerleaders for Science (2010-11-28)

Show 256 album art
0:00:00JCD: “Hey, I’ll tell you something. These girls aren’t underdeveloped.” (1:41:30)
0:00:35ICE seizures, immixGroup DNS redirect, Black Friday counterfeit goods seizures and ACTA, ACC on use of domain names with pre-HTTP Gopher protocol, OpenDNS blocked by Verizon Wireless; weekend CNN teleprompter screwups
0:12:53Producer Segment: Brad Meltzer’s Decoded
0:18:28ACC playing cowbell at Rudy Sarzo’s birthday party, JCD: “I did the dishes last night”
0:19:19Hollywood whackers: 9mm hollow point bullets in Ronni Chasen coroner report; Libertarian Party cofounder David Nolan found dead of “unknown causes” in car at 66; BP oil spill incident commander dies in small plane crash
0:24:49JCD courts Japanese producers with sumo results clip
0:26:14JCD on Intel engineer busted for post-9/11 trip to join Taliban; FBI foils plot to blow up Portland Christmas tree lighting, car bombing offer not recorded due to “technical difficulties”; 9/11 edition of glossy Jihad Recollections magazine “spook propaganda”
0:37:10Show 254 “second British Opium War” question a plug for Lyndon LaRouche’s Dope, Inc.
0:39:29Bob Woodward C-SPAN interview: war “in trouble, this report released by Congress this week shows that it’s not”, Gore “get with the goddamn program” to Clinton an example of “speaking the truth”, story of pushing Day of Battle book into Obama’s hands, new meme “Professor Obama”, “I take my young daughter into the voting both and she votes for me”
0:52:46CBC News The National ad with roster of adjectives not including “truth”
0:54:57Haitian election day with main contenders Michel “Sweet Micky” Martelly and Jude CĂ©lestin, no Anderson Cooper to be found documenting cholera outbreak
1:00:51NHK on exchange of artillery fire between South and North Korea, Yeonpyeong Island “exercise” and FAX from North, distraction from Russia-China energy deal
1:02:59John Bolton on most of UK law being dictated by Brussels, “democratic deficit”; cloned meat and milk approved for sale; JCD on Swedish flag banned on jam and jelly labels; Barroso: “we want to keep a welfare state”; Irish producer note on country falling apart
1:12:29Donation Segment
1:17:55Florida driver’s license Real ID gold star, Social Security number requirement, ACC: “why don’t we sew a gold star onto our clothing?”, 15 states complying and 27 state laws against, “states are relying on private corporations to collect the data”, DHS $10bn cost estimate, L-1 Identity Solutions board member former DHS Deputy Secretary James Loy: “part of a good American economic way of doing business, capitalism at its best”; L-1 promo video on use “in-theater” for imprisonment “enrollment”, BAT Biometric Automated Toolset and HIIDE Handheld Interagency Identity Detection Equipment, use at checkpoints, “palm, facial, moving toward DNA”, “access to medical services for our US population”; JCD on socialist Upton Sinclair running on state sales tax repeal platform, Democrats wanting higher taxes video with hot uptalking science babes, JCD: “I sure don’t want her as my doctor”; RAND Corporation report: more funding needed for “social and behavioral science” to push flu vaccine; Citibank Flu Care card; producer note on PBS Sid the Science Kid “Super Duper Antibodies” game, “let’s fight the flu virus!”
1:46:39Mullah Omar’s envoy to Taliban commander “hacked to death”
1:48:53“Dirty player” Obama elbowed during pick-up basketball game, ACC: “do they have to rough up the other Obama as well?”; FDIC’s Sheila Bair WSJ CYA “quiet confidence” op-ed