Call Clooney!

255 Radioactive Butts (2010-11-25)

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0:00:00ACC: “Your ass is radioactive!” (0:32:58)
0:00:36JCD: PG&E mascot Reddy Kilowatt “anorexic”; history of Thanksgiving with Abraham Lincoln; bogus Thanksgiving story and “celebrating the Holocaust” in Ms. Micky’s acting class; ACC at packed mall renting tuxedo; JCD shopping at “dead empty” Monterey Foods
0:07:36Producer Segment: “biodiversitée” sign on campus
0:13:11TSA puts positive spin on opt-out day, ACC tries to call in dosimeter question for Pistole, CAIR self-patdown question and crotch swab “smell my finger”; Washington Post poll with 514 respondents, man on the street idiot “I was not offended in the least”; Janet Napolitano to Charlie Rose: “what I say is, look”, “greater confidence that the other people on the plane have been properly screened” meme, “the big long-term conspiracy involving lots of players who were in on the conspiracy like 9/11”, planned “low-tech” attacks, “we have to also be thinking now about going onto mass transit, or to trains, or maritime”, JCD: “hey Obama!
0:27:44CBS “radiation truths and lies”, MIT “it’s never been demonstrated”; MSNBC shill compilation; “one year of spooning with your spouse might expose you to 2 millirems”; JCD on cops eager to arrest TSA agents with unearned badges; douchebag Chris Matthews grills EPIC’s Ginger McCall about Chertoff conflict of interest, “you’ve made a serious charge, thank you”
0:41:16Scanner patents sold for $6.8M to sketchy Thermo Instrument Systems after IRT bankruptcy; producer note on face images being saved; CLEAR “first-class slave” program resurrected
0:45:47Former Sen. Duncan Hunter Freudian slip to Hannity: “some of those young guys in Helmand Province will be dead in twenty days”; fired General James Jones, ACC: Cutting the Fuse “unbelievable piece of crap”, Jones’ speech in Sochi Russia critical of UK drug smuggling; The Guardian on UK heroin shortage, JCD: “Monsanto’s gotta come in with some Hot Poppies that really do the trick!”; Viktor Ivanov announces seizure of 932 kilos of heroin in Afghanistan
0:59:37Irish minimum wage drops under IMF austerity, JCD on punishing tax haven; Nigel Farage to Haiku Herman on denying Irish election: “just who the Hell do you people think you are?”
1:05:55Shitstorm over UKIP Godfrey Bloom “ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Führer” during Martin Schulz speech, Bloom “apology”: Schulz “undemocratic fascist”, “you must have me escorted out, sir!”, Farage calls out Schulz, Bloom gets tossed out by chain-wearing bureaucrat
1:18:56José Manuel Barroso proposes “EU self funding”; Sweden to vote on adopting Lisbon Treaty
1:21:03Donation Segment: Clinton Haiti charity cleared for Canadian donations
1:33:39Chemtrail documentary What on Earth Are They Spraying?, safe aluminum level 1k vs measured 63k ppm, accelerant role and wildfires, JCD on inhalation risk; John Holdren on “geoengineering to create cooling effects to offset the greenhouse”, JCD: “they’re out to make a global cooling scenario to kill people”; Schwarzenegger declares emergency over perchlorate levels, JCD on Standard Oil chemical lab competitions; ACC recommends Plane Finder app
1:44:02Sarkozy denies accusing journalist of being pedophile; Tom DeLay convicted of money laundering; China & Russia sign local currency energy deal; Yeonpyeong Island artillery exchange
1:49:35Producer notes on LA missile: US source and accidental launch; planned bank run in Ireland and Spain, Max Keiser’s project to kill J.P. Morgan by buying silver, JCD on Bunker Hunt
1:57:08NATO scammed by Pakistani posing as Taliban leader; Pat Buchanan shilling for Huckabee or Palin on MSNBC; Barbara Bush hoping Sarah Palin stays in Alaska, “MILF!” Jingle
2:04:47Hawaii Five-0 bad acting; ACC watching The Kill Point; Russian spy Leonardo DiCaprio
2:12:49ACC’s GNU PGP setup, MailSteward on Mac OS X