Call Clooney!

254 Final Jeopardy (2010-11-21)

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0:00:00JCD: “You’re takin’ our opium, wherever they got it from, and you’re gonna use that and we’re gonna take your tea.” (1:01:21)
0:00:39“Buckets” coming down in ACC’s neighborhood
0:01:24TSA naked body scanners and patdowns officially a major distraction
0:04:55Producer Segment
0:12:23NPR Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me! mocks “if you touch my junk” John Tyner, Faith Salie: “what is the big objection to these see-through scanners?”, JCD: “she’s got like a butt-chin”; Rapiscan CEO the other Deepak Chopra accompanying Obama to India, “Barack’s buddy” John Pistole; TSA “Blogger Bob” cites Johns Hopkins instead of device manufacturers; comic book “X-ray specs”; ACC brings up dosimeters at dinner with Frank Coraci; urostomy bags and mastectomy prostheses; Indian travelers refusing to tolerate scanners; John Tyner’s $10k fine and TSA document on fines for “sharp objects”, “improper use of airport access medium”
0:35:42Austan Goolsbee on “major milestone hit by General Motors”, IPO “one of the biggest in history”; ACC on banks investing QE money in GM (ACCPPotD)
0:47:27C-SPAN New America Foundation panel “policy wonks” blathering about foreign policy, Executive Intelligence Review question on Afghanistan as “second British Opium War”, General Jones fired for agreeing with Russians, ignored completely, House of Representatives underground bunker full of spooks
1:02:40ACC using GNU PGP; Sweden trying to two-to-the-head Assange; JCD on Jimmy Wales’ picture on business card; Ireland’s financial crisis explained in 30 seconds
1:08:31Donation Segment: “be a donor, not a boner”; JCD turkey brining; talking points memo
1:23:04ACC successfully promotes Soho House persimmon pudding bread to Frank Coraci
1:24:30Final Jeopardy question “what is biodiversitée?”
1:28:10Plavix ad with 12-year-old lecturing mother on PAD peripheral artery disease, “call the doctor about Plavix, please?”; Clinton Foundation finally releases IRS Form 990 for 2009, $120M in property and equipment, $122M from government grants, $102M spent on pharmaceuticals, recipients redacted, $0 in admissions to Clinton Library
1:38:40Mounting evidence Haiti cholera epidemic was caused by UN Nepali “peacekeepers”
1:40:29Hollywood Whackers: Ronni Chasen shooting written off as gang initiation, November 7 death threats for five casting directors; Wesley Snipes gets three years for not filing taxes, JCD on IRS making high-profile example, “pauper’s prison”; producer note on 1928 book Propaganda by father of modern PR Edward Bernays, “invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country”
1:48:28Boeing E-4B “America’s doomsday plane” on National Geographic Channel, “otherwise you’ve got just complete chaos after whatever event this is”; New York “contrail” a day after “mystery missile” launch, Glenn Beck Chinese missile theory, link to government maritime warning removed; Queensland orange sky and UFOs; ACC on chemtrails on house after last show
2:05:38Human case of H5N1 bird flu in Hong Kong, potential distraction from TSA
2:08:57Crippled Carnival ship to be docked in San Diego for months of repairs
2:10:56GSM Association launches initiative to get rid of SIM cards; The Register on cloud company per-person charges for government surveillance