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252 Debriefing Flameless Fire (2010-11-14)

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0:00:00ACC: “That’s not gonna get you laid.” JCD: “It’s gonna get you thrown in jail.” (1:32:19)
0:00:39JCD’s “Buzzhill Bunker”, ACC’s new equipment and new digs, irritating Fry’s security; German Pirate Party naked body scanner protest in underwear, JCD on boxers with dot-coms magic markered on their bodies; Gitmo Nation National Anthem
0:05:56Producer Segment: No Agenda Sounds iOS app
0:15:26JCD recommends asking TSA why they are denied dosimeters; CDC finds 12 security installations with hazardous radiation levels, “radiation training” recommendation; former UK Home Secretary John Reid joins Chertoff Group, Reid to BBC: “we must sustain that vigilance even when there are no such incidents, because the threat continues”; Washington Examiner on L3 Communications and American Science and Engineering’s revolving-door lobbying firms
0:27:08ACC’s dinner with journalist unaware of naked body scanners; NBC on call for “national opt out day”, “I’d rather be safe than sorry” man on the street; Janet Napolitano’s refusal to go through scanners; Fox News idiot: “this is another reason I love the train”, celebrities sticking with buses; producer note on TSA ruining $40k helicopter electrical master box in checked baggage; San Diego passenger records opt-out; implied consent and ticket fine print
0:39:18Michael Moore: Obama “has the power to do so many things without Congress, and he should use that power for the next two years”, Bill Maher “bad ass gangsta” racism, JCD: “Michael Moore is a douchebag!”; Jon Stewart to Rachel Maddow on left-right narrative: “you woulda thought Juan Williams killed people”, Stewart’s meeting with Timothy Geithner, ACC: “he’s probably the only guy she’d blow”; JCD on Star Trek “Let That Be Your Last Battlefield”
0:53:10British Department of Health puts fast food shills on diet policy panel
0:54:05Bush 43’s Decision Points book; Jon Stewart’s brother Lawrence Leibowitz COO of NYSE
0:57:48Obama on expiring Bush-era “high-income tax cuts”; San Francisco green “one-child families”
1:04:05Donation Segment: fluoride inspector badge and “douchebadge”
1:13:04Jon Stewart mocks “mystery missile” coverage; Carnival ship disabled by “flameless fire”, passengers in San Diego: “just now they actually told us there was a fire on the boat”, singing Gilligan’s Island parody and answering questions with eyes closed, “I understand now why there saying that, just to keep everybody calm”; Fahizah Alim to NPR on need to “debrief, decompress”, “earthquake-like” shaking and hearing “Arabic” language, “stage one”; recent USA Today EMP “burn out wires and circuits” and GRID Act, JCD on decentralized grid as fractal, 1962 Starfish Prime EMP and 1989 CME outage
1:32:24Middle schooler note on Monsanto’s Agent Orange work; global warming experiment kits for children; Raggs renames fleas “my little friends”; CBS: “a wandering mind makes you sad”
1:39:28And Now Back to Real News: Asian Games dance sports, “wushu action” with screaming; demise of National Geographic Channel; Hawaii Five-0 “she’s on of them, dad!” bad acting; poll on popular Republican vs Democrat shows; “too close to home” Rubicon cancelled
1:50:24Alexander Lebedev raided over WikiLeaks link; National Enquirer publisher in Chapter 11
1:53:29Obama’s “human app” Reggie Love; Rev. Manning “he is a chain smoker” for end of show
1:57:48Trains Good Planes Bad: SNCF “profound sorrow and regret” for WWII deportation of Jews
1:59:57$300M Xe contract in Kyrgyzstan; 3M Dutch phone taps per year; New Zealand Search and Surveillance Bill fascism, JCD: “this is a coup!”; George W. Bush book tour comedy, ACC on Matt Lauer’s VH1 origin with “the bird man”, Barbara Bush’s mason jar miscarriage
2:09:17Joel Klein leaves revolving door NYC schools for News Corporation; JCD Faraday box