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251 Banned by NASA (2010-11-11)

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0:00:00JCD: “Fox News is absolutely disgusting!” (0:40:03)
0:00:39JCD on varieties of and eating tips for persimmons, “phenomenal” pie, jujubes
0:05:11Cease and desist on JCD playing kazoo during Gitmo Nation National Anthem
0:07:05Producer Segment
0:11:19CBS News helicopter catches missile launch off California coast, former Deputy Secretary of Defense Robert Ellsworth: “could be a test firing of an intercontinental ballistic missile”, Pentagon stooge John Pike: “it’s clearly an airplane contrail”, aircraft doctored out of video, NORAD “unable to provide specific details”; JCD on Vandenberg smoke trails vs contrails; military head-scratching, Pike “optical illusion”, ACC: “what flight was it?”, “changes course like an airplane”, “just the kind of ambiguity … that will feed conspiracy theories forever”
0:26:23ACC on no NOTAM ahead of launch; and blocked by NASA, National Geospatial Intelligence Agency “intermittent missile firing operations” warning for Catalina Island, “one got away from them” theory; disabled Carnival cruise ship towed to San Diego instead of Mexico by aircraft carrier, Chinese EMP theory, systems disabled by single fire, 2007 Navy exercise with Chinese submarine, pre-G20 threats over US currency dilution
0:39:45Kimberly Guilfoyle to Bill O’Reilly and Fox henhouse on TSA: “I have nothing to hide”, bogus assertion that Supreme Court has decided Fourth Amendment issue, media all-in on naked body scanners with exception of Andrew Napolitano, chatroom on implied consent
0:46:34ACC on five scanners at Oakland, guy in wheelchair getting molested, JCD on “nothing to live for” justification; media demonstration of TSA feeling up mannequin, new terror scare “coincidence”, “breast portion” and “up close and personal” patdown; pilots union scanner warning covered up by flight attendant patdown hysteria; JCD: “the pilot is flying the plane!”, ACC recommends lawsuit over three-second groin touch; producer note on opt-out as “red flag event”, “command presence” attitude; TSA jobs “saved or created”; dosimeter experiment
1:08:26Donation Segment:
1:19:47Producer note on USB stick No Agenda on Airbus 380 and subsequent problems: “I think your show has hit Airbus in the mouth”; note on naked scanner opt-out “that’s my job”
1:22:34Child-leashing producer testimonial; 900-person waiting list for Gitmo jewelry in Pittsburgh; ACC on LAPD lack of training on marijuana licenses; ACC’s trip to Lakers game
1:28:38JCD’s Show 145 gold “sell”, World Bank gold pseudo-standard; Dambisa Moyo at Reboot America on need for some form of protectionism; Haiku Herman equates nationalism with “warmongering”, MEP Daniel Hannan on Allied patriotism in the World Wars, Van Rompuy on “danger of a new Euro-skepticism”: “there are people who believe their country can survive alone in the globalized world, it’s more than an illusion, it is a lie”, “nationalism leads to war”
1:41:29Producer note on photographer friend in Haiti asked to shoot “happy families on the beach”
1:42:39And Now Back to Real News: Access Hollywood wrap-up with Glee “bullies are gay” meme
1:46:27Codex Alimentarius aspartame approval list; CVC kicks aspartame gum habit
1:51:27Network advertising quiz: “his first weanlings are selling now” for racehorse
1:54:14Harrison Ford silent on biodiversitée to Letterman; high school textbook on GMO benefit “insect biodiversitée is preserved”, JCD: “exercise in futility”, Geosystems doom and gloom
2:01:34Pre-crime “predictive policing”; end-of-show Hillary Clinton interview by Hamish & Andy
2:04:16CNN package: teens who text too much “much more likely to binge drink, do drugs, fight, and probably have already had sex”, “clearly our study does not demonstrate cause and effect”