Call Clooney!

24 Bagging Your Own Reality (2008-03-29)

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0:00:19Horrible weather in Europe, ACC on aircraft annual inspection in Antwerp
0:01:43Political correctness, Geert Wilders anti-Islamization film released; JCD on Tesco’s Fresh & Easy US chain pushing expiration dates forward, dangers of soymilk, British bangers illegal in US due to bread content, bagging your own food in Europe, plastic bags hanging off trees in Israel, Midway garbage patch, failed Andronico’s experiment, Central Market in Seattle
0:24:10Donald Sutherland “we haven’t even left the esophagus yet” sperm joke, Taiwanese esophagus dish; full-service gas stations required in Oregon; ACC on working retail “till”, NCR & IBM; Americans not all-in on daily grocery shopping
0:36:24Sarkozy’s state visit to UK, Carla Bruni “Lady Di of France”, Prince Charles corgi & Camilla joke; JCD on grits and sel fumée, smoked paprika flying of the Spicer’s shelves
0:44:04UEFA denies UK Champions League finals over new tax code; ACC recommends The Money Masters global banking documentary, JCD on Rothschilds like The Good Shepherd character; no Skull and Bones candidates; ACC on Christopher Buckley pooh-poohing internet; the death of casual computer programming; JCD on trash sorting patent
0:58:57Heathrow Terminal 5 a total disaster; JCD gripe: Jose Conseco “second source” meme, idiotic ban on editing one’s own Wikipedia article; Holland’s Got Talent ratings, ACC recommends Jerry Springer’s Nothing But the Truth, JCD: “worse than the worst kind of drug”