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249 Multidimensional Poverty Index (2010-11-04)

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0:00:00JCD: “They shoulda burned it off his chest!” (1:43:32)
0:00:35ACC abandoning cloud-based services due to “fiasco”, “one way or the other people are gonna get screwed with Facebook too”, “escrow bomb”
0:05:39Producer Segment: JCD’s big laugh for Spuzzum BC; “Obama means well” meme
0:14:46JCD all-in on No Agenda business cards from Vistaprint
0:15:27ACC’s fun at the polls in someone’s garage; JCD clipping his nails; Proposition 19 marijuana legalization loses by large margin as does climate change repeal; JCD’s video projector with Carly Fiorina’s six-foot head, Meg Whitman’s hairdo; Republican House takeover; George Stephanopoulos to Bill O’Reilly: Harry Reid “practically handpicked” Sharon Angle as opponent, JCD: Angle and Christine O’Donnell “dingbats”, ACC on MSM calling voters idiots
0:27:41BBC on Jay-Z’s presidential aspirations, press insulting Obama at press conference; Public Enemy’s Professor Griff: “Barry” president of corporation, “you a human resource”
0:33:41Randy Quaid and “music industry mafia”; Professor Griff on contrived hip hop rivalries, “them crackas ‚Ķ killed Michael Jackson”, Puff Daddy’s custom RFID clothing; Cirque de Soleil Immortal World Tour with Jackson’s music, fire at former dermatologist Arnie Klein’s home; JCD recommends Fahrenheit 451
0:41:23ACC all-in on Paris 1919, Woodrow Wilson “what a dick”, JCD on pro-Wilson educational system, Iraq a creation of cartographers; Military Channel ten-part World War I series
0:46:31Alcohol more harmful than heroin, smarter people drink more; disgraced UK drug czar David Nutt’s corrupt Independent Scientific Committee on Drugs, psilocybin at end of harmful list
0:56:10The Simpsons November 6 false flag prediction; Obama headed to Mumbai with 215 CEOs for U.S.-India Business Council “gig”; US-Russia joint raid on heroin labs on Afghanistan-Pakistan border; UK and France signing defense cooperation treaties, “partnership yes, giving away sovereignty no”; ACC: British revolutionaries all in government now
1:10:13Donation Segment: ACC Daily No Agenda idea
1:25:47George Takei “douchebag” callout for anti-gay Arkansas school board member Clint McCance
1:28:23Unprecedented MI6 John Sawers protestations on WikiLeaks torture allegations: “I am confident that in their efforts to keep Britain safe, all SIS staff acted with the utmost integrity and with a close eye on basic decency and moral values”
1:31:45UN Nagoya Summit biodiversit√©e deal: increase in “protected” land and ocean; pro-nuke and pro-GMO positions; EuropaBio Secretary General MILF Nathalie Moll on “bio-based economy”; Conservation International, Harrison Ford: “we have to create a kind of undeniable groundswell of public opinion”, US “here as a source of funding”; Ford chest waxing ad with “ripped out” vs burning mixed metaphor
1:45:58No Agenda Swine Flu Minute: outbreak of swine flu in Northern Ireland
1:46:34Celebrex arthritis drug ad: “may increase the chance of heart attack or stroke which can lead to death”, “bleeding and ulcers, which can occur without warning, and may cause death”
1:50:30New England Mint illegally defaced “privately-enhanced” national parks two-dollar bills on sale at $10 each; ACC all-in on “enhanced” No Agenda collectible one-dollar bills
1:57:13Lord James of Blackheath on “Foundation X” gold-backed investment scheme for end of show
1:58:25Trains Good Planes Bad: Obama on upgrading “high-speed rail and internet”
2:01:02UNDP United Nations Development Programme roundtable on “measuring human welfare” with “multidimensional poverty index”