Call Clooney!

248 Stop Albedo Now! (2010-10-31)

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0:00:00JCD: “I can’t watch the World Series because baseball at this level makes me nervous.”
0:00:39Gitmo Nation National Anthem, JCD: “that’s what they used to play, at schools
0:02:24JCD: “I’m gettin’ a ham license, I’ve decided”, story about salvaging radio antenna from decommissioned submarine, ACC: “CQ DX, CQ DX!”, “hey John, 73s and 88s to you!”, “it’s a license to complain!”, seawater spout antenna video, 14.275 MHz retransmission by VE6CPU
0:10:06Producer Segment: 99% “douchebag ratio”; “Gitmo Nation Sauerkraut” shutting down after sale to Facebook; JCD on defunct Palm Pilot sync service website, pre-Yahoo GeoCities archive in 1TB torrent; ACC on Libyan, P2P mesh network
0:25:19Los Angeles County Museum of Art screening of Josh Azzarella video, David LaChapelle art with missing elements, Thriller minus Michael Jackson; Randy Quaid press conference excised “manipulating the banking system”, “malignant tumor of star whackers in Hollywood”, roster of eight dead actors, defamation by former lawyer Lloyd Braun with Seinfeld alter ego
0:36:46Michael Jackson on generating “several billion” for Sony Music, “I own half of Sony’s publishing ‚Ķ they’re very angry at me”, “Tommy Mottola is a devil”; Today Show: Mottola “considers himself the gatekeeper”; Peter Lopez suicide; JCD on Phantom Menace minus Jar Jar Binks
0:45:36And Now Back to Real News: Extra teaser with Kirstie Alley’s “lifelong secret”
0:47:18Explosive toner cartridges of terror from Yemen; TSA announces enhanced patdown procedures, “crotchal area”, JCD: “do you have to cough?”; Yemen “failed state” meme; KTVU sends clueless consumer reporter Tom Vacar to Oakland Airport, Obama “they do apparently contain explosive material”, packages intercepted by “international authorities”, sent to “Jewish synagogues”, Vacar on “deadly game of cat and mouse”, “anything-goes tactics”, “stream of commerce” meme, idiot man on the street interviews: “fear, safety”
1:05:16CNN’s Rima Maktabi blathers about Dubai cargo handling, ACC: “Larry! cut her off!”, Fran Townsend: “well Larry, you know, look”, “intelligence was good enough to give us the tracking numbers to find these packages”, former CIA Larry Johnson: “how long did it take us to get to a point where we required checked luggage to be interrogated to see if it had a bomb on board?”, JCD: “I can’t talk, I’m luggage”, “put a man on the Moon” meme; JCD on Military Channel Paris 1919, Pentagon-CIA spat theory, Why is bin Laden Alive show
1:15:42“Conspiracy theorist with a baaad attitude” The Odd Couple send-up
1:16:24World Series God Bless America sung by Army PSYOPS specialist
1:17:32Donation Segment: PBS “giving levels”; Kardashian prepaid Mastercard
1:28:59“Biodiversit√©e” official spelling, UN Agenda 21 for end of show; M. Granger Morgan at CFR Developing an International Framework for Geoengineering event: “changing the albedo” by “putting very fine particles in the stratosphere”, “we do stuff in the stratosphere all the time, of course” (ACCPPotD); JCD on Ho Chi Minh at Paris told to bugger off by Woodrow Wilson
1:41:14Meg Whitman lying Jerry Brown ad; Proposition 19 “gateway to death” propaganda with liar Dianne Feinstein, MADD “stoned drivers”; election booklet for “Adan Curry”; “Miss Swan” debater’s specious pain control argument; JCD: “whether you smoke it or not you should realize that unless you want to have the Mexican gangs take over the place” (JCDPPotD)
1:55:11Cerberus Capital Management’s Freedom Group holding company’s guns and ammo monopoly
1:58:48More earthquakes “inevitable” in Haiti, Hurricane Tomas coming in; no Clinton 990 yet
2:02:20Lisbon Treaty “new surveillance arrangements”; Thomas Woods Interview with a Zombie
2:05:36Jon Stewart Rally for Sanity, fearmongering montage minus Rachel Maddow