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247 Obama Insane? (2010-10-28)

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0:00:00ACC: “I’m from BI Incorporated, I’m just gonna strap this smoke detector on your head, here goes some gaffer tape.” (1:58:44)
0:00:46JCD sports news in opening; “strongest storm ever recorded” in Midwest, “weather bomb”
0:04:10Biodiversity and mass extinction meme spreading like wildfire, official “biodiversitay” pronunciation, JCD: “tear down your dikes!”, “plan B” for global warming; JCD on Textronix lowballing Japanese oscilloscopes; proposed documentary with George Clooney
0:14:20Spain mandates reflective safety vests for prostitutes
0:16:55Producer Segment: PBS running 30-second ads right and left;
0:24:21Permanently-orange US terror alert; BBC on police arming for Mumbai-style terror attacks, train stations “tick the box”, man on the street “I think it’s legitimate, I thing we need to do it”; 100k searches nabbing zero terrorists; producer notes on being denied travel authorization to US after opt-out, TSA staff quitting, “more aggressive crotch rub”; Newark Airport “peep show machines” delayed, TSA’s Anne Davis: scanners “faster and less physically intrusive”
0:36:22Fox News on “backscatter van” roaming around looking for trouble, “we’ve had a system on-site at the US Open golf tournament”, concern over “possible health risks they might pose to human subjects”, “extremely low” radiation dose, JCD: “I’m blinded!”, “equivalent of a chest X-ray or less”, JCD: “if you’re running”, image “looks very similar to a store mannequin”; early “that’s one mother I’d like to f—-” stinger; JCD on Israeli border “puffer machines”
0:42:58RT on Obama’s “serious psychological problem to begin with”, Lyndon LaRouche; 25th Amendment for removal of president unable to discharge duties of office; JCD on unqualified and narcissistic memes; mass White House exodus, insider predicting multiple scandals
0:56:44JCD ignoring Obama’s predictable Jon Stewart appearance, “how did you find out while you were pooping, was it in your poop?”, ACC: “my legs start to fall asleep”; ACC’s backup NAS
1:04:18Donation Segment: ACC on Greenpeace seeking helicopter services; “earth-friendly swords”
1:18:58European companies funding political candidates who deny global warming
1:19:391928 footage of female time traveler on cell phone debunked as Siemens hearing aid
1:22:18New DSM-IV ODD oppositional defiant disorder characterized by “questioning authority, negativity, defiance, argumentativeness, and being easily annoyed”
1:26:50Australian high school students fool attendance fingerprint reader with gummy bears; Sweden fines defiant homeschooling family $3,000, JCD on homeschooling “clubs” and crazy person who takes children to “look at a cow being milked”
1:33:22Elena Kagan confirmed to Supreme Court; robotic Lillian McEwen to Larry King on dating Clarence Thomas, “alcoholics, which he might have been” vs “connected to the alcoholism” vs “raving alcoholic for many years”, “became a bully to his child”; attacks on anti-Thomas Nina Totenberg after Juan Williams firing, Bill O’Reilly rants about NPR ombudsman Alicia Shepherd’s “fact-based objective journalism”, Totenberg’s Helms AIDS comment revisited
1:49:03No Agenda Swine Flu Minute: “ancient and insidious foe” influenza vs “science!” DoD PSA
1:51:33Michael Jackson worth $275M dead; broke child molester meme, ACC’s MSNBC interview
1:57:04Smoking in apartment or condo illegal in Santa Clara County, ACC smoke detector yarmulke
1:59:28Haiku Herman at Friends of Europe summit: “we need more global economic governance”; Aric the Shill on Finland’s 25% tax rate and $500/year health insurance
2:03:27Yale ΔΚΕ fraternity condemned for pledges chanting “no means yes, yes means anal
2:06:01Incomprehensible World Series analyst Ozzie Guillén; No Agenda Rap jingle in outro