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246 Code for Biodiversity! (2010-10-24)

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0:00:00ACC: “Honey, I can’t come to dinner because I’m twiddlin’ with my knobs.”
0:00:36JMD rolls eyes over JCD’s nickel-size gold British sovereign from producer
0:02:12New Zealand study calls into question link between salt and blood pressure; Shadows of the Future documentary; JCD on MSG and mouthfeel, hydrolyzed vegetable protein parallel
0:09:27Producer Segment: new IRC server, No Agenda Primer testimonial Ausweis bitte
0:20:09WikiLeaks leaked to New York Times, MSNBC crying treason, Liar Liar Liar jingle; Daniel Ellsberg on absurdity of Pentagon demanding return of leaked electronic documents, Espionage Act weapon, Obama “has started as many prosecutions for leaks as all previous presidents put together”; Julian Assange on “lessons of Iraq” applying to next country Obama feels the urge to invade; CNN reporter refuses to name “suspended” staffer Daniel Domscheit-Berg right before naming him, Assange: “when employees misbehave they get suspended”, “it is my role to be the lightning rod”; JCD predicts State Secrets Act under “pure police state” Obama
0:38:49Trains Good Planes Bad: Readers Digest “50 Secrets Your Pilot Won’t Tell You”, editor-in-chief Peggy Northrop to CNN on shocking existence of regional affiliates, “those pilots do not have to follow the same training and safety rules”, author Michelle Crouch possible spook
0:45:02Hot Russian spy Anna Chapman in Russian Maxim magazine, JCD: “we still never got to the bottom of that story”, ACC: “if you open the Maxim you will”
0:46:14Juan Williams on NPR firing: “this controversy is now front and center in the national discussion”, ACC: “I’m the most important thing in the world!”; Williams rips NPR a new one: “Nina Totenberg wished that Senator Jesse Helms and his grandchildren would get AIDS!”, “sexual pejorative Tea Baggers”, Vivian Schiller: “his feelings … are really between him and his psychiatrist, or his publicist, or take your pick”; JCD on Totenberg’s role in Clarence Thomas smear campaign; ACC “more government money for NPR” theory promo with Tim O’Reilly “every new movement needs heroes”, director Jennifer Pahlka “technology elite”, funding from Rockefeller and Knight Foundations
1:04:08Donation Segment: propaganda
1:12:33UFOs over Washington D.C. predicted by Stanley Fulham and “acceptance of aliens”, ACC calls fake, Project Blue Beam psyops, next step people hearing ELF voices unless wearing tinfoil hats, ACC: “I’m ready for my anal probe”, Skyline film
1:21:39IPBES Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services, “negotiations” for 2020, “gold standard reports” for governments, “biodiversity hot spot” map
1:31:15Producer note on H1N1 mutations in Brazil; five shots for Hib Haemophilus influenzae type b
1:36:51And Now Back to Real News: Randy Quaid convinced he’s next on the celebrity kill list
1:41:40Law & Order hot jihadi woman “put down the flowers”, Red Lobster product placement, military vs local law, “by order of the Executive Branch”; US citizen Anwar al-Awlaki’s presence at post-9/11 Pentagon lunch; “if Sharia won’t save you there’s always the US Constitution”
1:51:45Obama congratulates Las Vegas middle school pep rally for 2008 accomplishment
1:54:04135 dead in Haiti cholera outbreak, CDC near-certainty of source outside country
1:58:28Haiku Herman’s $500M Brussels Résidence Palace makeover, fitting use as headquarters during Nazi occupation; Germany & France already seeking Lisbon Treaty changes
2:01:18Willy Nelson “safer than alcohol” NORML ad; KTLA on kids eating cookies “laced with pot”, “more than sugar and spice in them”, cop “marijuana poisoning”, wailing mother
2:08:03Police sergeant testimony that Fort Hood shooter used pistol