Call Clooney!

245 Bow to the Aqua Buddha (2010-10-21)

Show 245 album art
0:00:00JCD: “Get on their knees and worship the Aqua Buddha.” (0:27:01)
0:00:36UFO sightings “conspiracy of balloon pranksters”, The X Files theme music for report: El Paso “light suddenly breaks apart into two, then three separate lights”, Manhattan lights “eerily similar”, Air Force “there were air show planes in the air tonight”, ACC: “we always practice close formation at night”; four-hour episode in Richmond; NASA Solar System Ambassador Jason Kendall, “a lot of conspiracy theories out there”, “something coming in from orbit”
0:14:48Producer Segment
0:21:55Rent Is Too Damn High Party viral video, “if you wanna marry a shoe, I’ll marry you”; Rand Paul “you’re accusing me of criiimes” to Jack Conway over GQ article on college Aqua Buddha hazing ritual; Penthouse publisher Bob Guccione Jr. dead, ACC: “many an Aqua Buddha has stood before his magazine”, JCD story: meeting Guccione at party with creepy girls
0:30:50Obamacare’s overbroad interpretation of Commerce Clause; Greta Van Susteren individual mandate “tax or not tax” question, statutory “penalty”; ACC’s $460 “usage fee” to register Saab, overly-taxed rental cars; Virginia Governor Bob O’Donnell on Tenth Amendment Obamacare lawsuit; big-government “federalist” lobby; Because Words Do Matter jingle
0:44:21French “screw you” strike over Sarkozy’s austerity retirement age increase to 62; ExpressJet pilot refuses both naked body scanner and patdown, TSA lying about magnetometer as patdown alternative; ACC on “dick dick dick” Al Roker, “advanced imaging technology” meme, Roker “drive a bus, all right?”, “what a dork!”, JCD: “you win today’s show”
0:56:38Former FAA administrator Mary Schiavo lies to Roker about naked body scanners speeding up lines, “more X-ray exposure than they thought” so send your kids to be groped, JCD on “lead underwear” for dental imaging, ACC: “the Opt Out Party says, you must opt out!
1:08:18ACC on bum at Hollywood and Highland with “New World Order” sign
1:10:19Donation Segment: science “fourteen-inch strap-on” clip from Dexter
1:21:01Juan Williams fired by NPR over political correctness comment on O’Reilly Factor, “if I see people in Muslim garb … I get worried, I get nervous”, JCD: “I believe it’s because he appears on Fox”, official statement “Williams’ presence on … Fox News has long been a sore point with NPR news executives”; Joy Behar irked at Florence Henderson being booted off Dancing With The Stars instead of gorilla-suited Bristol Palin, ACC on the war on beautiful women; hate and ridicule for Sarah Palin “we can’t party like it’s 1773, not yet!
1:31:21CNN’s Barbara Starr: “I did speak to a very senior NATO official with firsthand knowledge of the latest information … and he says, look”, Osama bin Laden and foam finger number two Ayman al-Zawahiri “not livin’ in a cave anywhere”, “there’s a good bet, if you will, that he’s in a place called the Kurram Valley … inhabited by very fierce tribal elements”, “right across the border from Tora Bora”, “nobody really even talks about bin Laden” in Afghanistan
1:37:50Heroin “cheaper than marijuana or spice” marketed to Utah teens, “easier than finding someone to buy you alcohol”; Pennsylvania CPS grabs baby over poppy seeds in mother’s diet
1:47:38Bill O’Reilly predicts Proposition 19 defeat because stoners won’t vote, “addictive substance like tobacco” lie to “token libertarian” John Stossel; 2009 music $4.6bn vs Lipitor $5.7bn
1:56:00It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia “jabroney” and “future of radio”
2:00:46NCIS domestic terrorism, Law & Order: LA “all-American jihadi terror cell”; earthquake drills; New York Times on Pentagon working with DHS on cyberwarfare; NPR Learn to Speak Tea Bag; gunshots in Pentagon parking lot, “we are reviewing those videotapes”