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244 Form 990 (2010-10-17)

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0:00:00ACC: “Hello Taliban? Dis is, dis is, hello dis is al-Qaeda, we wanna coordinate some coordination wit you, ksssh!” (0:56:40)
0:00:38Horrible weather in LA and solar flare activity interfering with JCD’s Dish Network, ACC on 1995 flare interfering with pagers and analog StarTAC phones; JCD on Radio Shack scanner cellular mods to listen in on drug deals and toll booth phone sex; producer notes on JCD’s “duckface” peeve; From the Crackpot to the Buzzkill Yo mix; dinner and an argument with Molly Wood over R-word and G-word, “we have to change society from the bottom”, linguine with white truffle, JCD: “you should’ve said, this is retarded
0:13:20Producer Segment
0:18:53Foreclosure “robo-signing” crisis; ACC on swap mechanism for hedging against currency fluctuations, fax documents and Lotus Notes databases; Bloomberg TV banker shill Alex Sanchez on foreclosures: “let’s make them whole”, homes “that need to be cleared and sold”, foreclosure lawsuit “very painful decision”, JCD: “he’s a dootch”, “policy makers listen to you, Betty”
0:30:00KPIX on J.P. Morgan “Burger King kids” signing false affidavits, Wells Fargo college dropout “vice president of load documentation” with two weeks’ training; Bank of America’s $5k in cash at each branch, freakout over “large” cash deposits; JCD speeds up Harry Reid dodging PBS debate question about Nevada foreclosure crisis by blathering about Obamacare, “we did focus on foreclosure first”, JCD: “what an asshole”; Sharron Angle on eleven foreign countries getting involved in lawsuit against Arizona; ACC ticket agent politician jokes from chain e-mail
0:43:37Haitians protesting against UN “occupation”, next $1.15bn MIA; required IRS Form 990 from Clinton Foundation nowhere to be found
0:48:30Hillary Clinton touching her face any time she tells a lie, nodding and headshaking contradictions; to Commonwealth Club: Pakistan needs to raise 9% GDP tax rate on “the elite”, Obama meme of “sanctuaries” for Taliban in Pakistan, “coordination with al-Qaeda” meme, new Haqqani “Alpha” Network, JCD: “we need one of those big giant foam fingers”
1:01:16Donation Segment
1:07:47Wired on buprenorphine implants for “rigors” of heroin withdrawal; JCD recommends William Burroughs’ Junkie for apomorphine technique
1:12:34TSA rolling out Sea-Tac naked body scanners, JCD “cataracts” recommendation
1:14:24National White Cane Safety Day and National Character Counts Week, “our nation celebrates the immeasurable contributions the Americans who use canes have made”; West Wing Week with Obama manhandling Timmy Geithner
1:21:49JCD: Condoleezza Rice being groomed for presidential run, don’t ask don’t tell “uh”-fest, “good friend” Bob Gates, K-12 education reform “greatest national security priority”; John Bolton “global governance” revisited, Tenth Amendment fractal
1:33:03Eric Holder’s threats against California vs Proposition 19, Prohibition counterexample; Drug Policy Alliance board including George Soros, hemp industry control, last podcast episode from 2009; Tenth Amendment “outdated” meme; ACC on process to become a state
1:46:24De Telegraaf “tide begins to turn” on global warming fraud, Royal Society math errors, “science is one cold-hearted bitch with a fourteen-inch strap-on”; Show Notes indexing
1:52:14C-SPAN panel on counterfeit pharmaceuticals, distributor “Reckus” “Sucker” spelled backwards, 400 tons from Paraguay and Bolivia, Chinese FDA head executed
2:00:24KPIX anchor calls bullcrap on story “debunking” curveballs