Call Clooney!

243 Big Soda (2010-10-14)

Show 243 album art
0:00:00JCD: “Those things give you cataracts.” (0:26:00)
0:00:34Gitmo Nation National Anthem
0:01:59Chilean miner rescue distraction from UFO event, Hannity transition to national anthem, No Agenda opening theme used by Fox & Friends; photos of orbs in Manhattan and Germany; 33 miners and 33 hours, NASA copper mine; drunken goat “Adam is the idiot” correction
0:10:01Producer Segment: Law & Order producer types; Scott McKenzie’s One Day in Gitmo Nation
0:21:00No Agenda Primer testimonials; correction: last show’s “Sheila Dipshit” from Australia
0:24:28TSA opt-outs to get “enhanced patdowns” as punishment, JCD: “absolutely nothing has happened in eight years, thirty thousand flights a day … and we have to walk through these idiotic scanners so they can see us naked?” (JCDPPotD); “behind-the-scenes process” Secure Flight program, “state of the art technology to ensure passenger information remains private”
0:31:14Producers all-in on nullification, Supreme Court infallibility myth
0:33:20George Clooney and John Prendergast at CFR, JCD: “classic economic hit man”, oil and Chinese workers in South Sudan, ACC: “send in Clooney!”, JCD Prendergast “there’s a lot of money to be made” medley, US all-in on spinning off independent South Sudan, Clooney spook theory; Ms. Micky’s Iranian friend: hikers “spooks”; California election ad madness
0:47:13NCIS writer Speed Weed; “meme machine” Law & Order: SVU on the evils of soda: “Davey was twelve when he took his life, I tried to make him stop with the cola, but he was addicted to it!”, “pushes soda” meme, JCD predicts threat of political advertising ban; companies refusing to hire smokers; Law & Order: LA “this one’s not over ’til the fat guy gets tased”
0:59:23UCSB Emeritus Professor Hal Lewis resigns from American Physical Society over climate change scam, JCD blocking outraged Twitter trolls, “I’m not there to take any guff”
1:03:04Donation Segment
1:11:20Wall Street Journal and CNBC articles on legal Congressional insider trading
1:13:38Producer note on New Delhi Commonwealth Games security confiscating coins and house keys
1:16:04Trains Good Planes Bad: underappreciated blue-collar railroad jobs; Boeing 787 video with failing oxygen masks, 3000 psi oxygen “bombs”; Philadelphia considering fines for not locking cars; checkpoint cheek swab trend and DNA, downward pressure on blood alcohol limits
1:26:44China’s Got Talent winner armless piano player; Anderson Cooper outraged over Vince Vaughan movie trailer “electric cars are gay”: “those words are hurting kids”; BET Hip Hop Awards, ACC calls for No Agenda rap song to CVC’s amusement
1:34:14Dutch hotels to register as ISPs for EU data retention; Amsterdam cashless shopping area
1:37:16National Ignition Facility 1 MJ fusion experiment, JCD: “we’d probably lose Scott Adams”
1:41:17CNBC “slobbering people”, George Soros “prolonged stagnation” warning, “always safe to blame the Germans”; “hot spy” Anna Chapman now working for Moscow bank
1:47:30Fort Hood family member finally speaks out, request to delay court martial until after election
1:55:00Michael Krikorian LA Times op-ed “Amazing No More” immortalizing JCD’s pet peeve
1:56:07Debate between Jerry “crackpot moonbeam” Brown and Meg Whitman
1:57:08Fields around main Australian military base in Afghanistan dominated by poppies; NCIS CIA drug money meme; UK “Blackwater of vaccines” Doctorcall marketing campaign
2:01:12Stuxnet and SCADA systems, well-known Siemens default credentials, Windows NT 4 boxes
2:03:15JCD “kissy-face” gripe; Madonna’s Photoshopped arms; Rick Sanchez disappears from Twitter
2:06:43New Zealand martial law powers in response to Christchurch earthquake