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242 Squalid Nullification (2010-10-10)

Show 242 album art
0:00:00JCD: “Balloon sinuplasty!” (1:43:26)
0:00:35Sir Geoff Smith’s Gitmo Nation National Anthem, JCD: “I think it’s a winner”; producer feedback on No Agenda Primer, top 40 radio testimonials; backup streaming server
0:08:22Producer Segment
0:16:56Producer note on car accident survey by Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation, staff spook “outstationed” at San Diego “field office”, AZ and CO checkpoints, no mention of heroin, potential breathalyzer replacement; Houston campaign to lower legal limit .05, MADD director all-in on “safer community”, DWAI “ability-impaired”, JCD: “the entire Chinese community around here!”, dick police chief: “they get treated as the repeat offender that they are”
0:27:18ACC’s predicted oil accident, tanker filled with heavy pygas sinking in English Channel; BP escrow fund’s Kenneth Feinberg on staff salaries being paid by BP, rehearsed “the jurisdiction has been established by the government and BP”, ten-person staff paid $850k per month
0:36:39Nullification: How to Resist Federal Tyranny in the 21st Century book and Tenth Amendment, author Thomas Woods: “the Frankenstein monster does not tell Doctor Frankenstein what to do”; JCD on marijuana laws vs Prohibition; South Carolina’s 1860 secession ordinance and “collection of self-governing communities”, “so what?!” on state-to-state inconsistencies, Supremacy Clause vs unconstitutional laws, “comic book version of American history”
0:50:44JCD on Tea Party’s lack of self awareness, Pat Buchanan’s proposed Constitutional Convention; Aric the Shill’s bathroom Constitution; 94% of Germans believe demonstrations necessary for government to listen; liberal Supreme Court justices’ disdain for Tenth Amendment
0:57:19Shadow Puppet Theater: National Security Adviser Jim Jones succeeded by Fannie Mae lobbyist Tom Donilon; Fox News on suicide bombers “who are willing to fly buildings into airplanes”; BBC newsreader cites Sheila Dikshit “the dipshit woman”, “appropriate because she’s Indian”; CNBC World: “Greek companies will have funds available to buy Chinese shit”
1:06:28Donation Segment while ACC takes a pee break
1:19:31Casting call for Obama MTV/BET/CMT town hall… subscribe for details; CDC paying bloggers to post pro-flu vaccine propaganda “for which I may receive a small thank you”, #cdcflu
1:28:12Fox News boneheads call Gloria Allred “Gloria Allright” & “Gloria Aldred”, Meg Whitman “Meg Ryan”; CNN What the Week idiot on California Prop 19 and snack food industry, “buzz” on the street mind control, stoner “God … gives every green bearing seed to mankind”
1:34:52Monsanto to market aluminum resistance gene, ACC on aluminum & barium in chemtrails
1:38:11Forbes: Michelle Obama “most powerful woman”, JCD on bogus magazine top twenty lists
1:40:06Latest finding for Stuxnet attribution roulette: Hebrew “myrtus” Jews vs Persians meme
1:41:57Reality cop show Steven Seagal: Lawman; big pharma-style ad for balloon sinuplasty procedure
1:44:47Bill Clinton donates $500k to Sean Penn’s Haiti charity; a million victims across 1300 “squalid” camps, JCD: “means it’s a shithole, literally”, ACC: “where are you now, where are you now, I say?” (ACCPPotD); Danube “red toxic sludge” spill in Hungary, “many receiving burns”
1:54:33The Guardian: Obama “accused of exaggerating terror threat for political gain”, Pakistan irked, producer note on Musharraf’s new political party as coup signal, US-China proxy war
1:58:33Mike Maloney “dead cat bounce” and new currency explanation for end of show
2:00:29FBI has to ask for return of car GPS tracker, JCD hydrochloric acid or dog shit ploy
2:02:47NASA Photoshop jobs on Saturn’s moons; Dvorak family “don’t tell John” UFO sighting; Large Hadron Collider cranking up to full power, ACC: “November 11 there will be no show”