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241 Germany Boy (2010-10-07)

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0:00:00ACC: “We all have links to al-Qaeda at, there’s links in the show notes to al-Qaeda.” (1:44:07)
0:00:38ACC and Steck’s “swine flu”; Drunken Goat cheese not a product of intoxicated goats, JCD: “here goat, here goat!”; UK train station “Resource” reflective jackets; ACC’s $80 drops for infected left eye, JCD on drug price doubling under Obamacare, CVC’s knee dislocation issues
0:10:59Producer Segment: Dutch actor Antonie Kamerling suicide; 10/10/10 meetups
0:26:42World Vegan Day coming up; JCD proposes new listener “primer” like Show 200.5
0:30:55Viral video of Nevada cop pulling over German tourist: “you know what the speed limit is here, Germany boy?”, “you know what happens to nice little boys like you that go to jail for reckless driving? ass will be hurting for a month”; JCD on writers congregating in Florida
0:36:37BI Inc loses track of slaves after hitting data storage limit, spokesperson Jock Waldo, “more than two billion records”; Orlando Gitmo jewelry for juvenile car thieves, “there’s probably about a dozen of them”, predictable dumb black guy on the street: “they kinda goin’ ovaboad wit dat”, “five other people we spoke with today said it was definitely a good idea”; Portland convicted child predator “took off his GPS monitoring bracelet and disappeared”
0:46:15CBS on LA school fingerprinting, “save jobs” meme, “help bring district cafeterias into the 21st century” with “cashless sale system”, douchebag superintendent: “there are signals put in the finger, it’s nothing like a fingerprint!”, “it allows us not to have a people business!”
0:54:40Law & Order: LA “you’re around decent people now, you gotta follow the rules!”; BBC America “we lost our empire … but our television sure kicks ass” ad; JCD gives up on Law & Order: UK; SVU “give me your tin” US Marshal deputization, Chase tie-in
1:01:39Boston mysterious insoluble Chinese sodium fluoride, JCD: “there are things known as labs
1:04:58Donation Segment
1:13:04Gold at $1340 due to global quantitative easing; Financial Times on risk of currency war, China playing euro against dollar, JCD on Japanese falling for US real estate boom
1:20:01Producer note on Emergency Alert System AFSK signals, 2005 accidental message to evacuate Connecticut, fun EBS test jingle from Dame Tanya
1:22:50Vivek Kundra memorandum on transition to IPv6 for “cloud computing, broadband, and smart grid”, bullshit “ubiquitous security services”, JCD on windfall for Chinese manufacturers,; $46M more to “team Smartronix” for “virtual dataset hosting”
1:29:42Stammering David Axelrod lies to Letterman about Gitmo closure: “that wasn’t job one”; Obama’s Wars on cyber-warfare; NewsHour on Pakistan-Afghanistan border closing in retaliation for friendly-fire incident, administration assessment: Pakistani government wussing out on fighting Taliban, Woodward quoting Obama “cancer is in Pakistan”
1:41:14Times Square bomber Faisal Shahzad now “the Pakistani guy”, court drawings with “Taliban beard”; AQAP unexplainably in Pakistan, ACC predicts false flag
1:46:05Stuxnet infections in Dutch multinationals and Fortune 500 company; ACC “bullshit!” to CNET article tying 0xDEADFOO7 to aviation engine failure; discoverer VirusBlokAda’s week-old Wikipedia entry, ACC: “Steve Ballmer should be in the White House right now!” (ACCPPotD)
1:52:58New Dutch minority government; bogus Grit TV “evidence” of Ron Johnson promising to destroy Social Security; US bedbugs migrating to UK; RT expecting 1000-year winter
2:01:23Bill Gates TED talk on CO2: “get this down to zero”, population control via “new vaccines”
2:04:45Recap of post-last-show discussion of “tax cuts for the rich” lie, JCD: “you’re absolved”