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240 Prince Charles is Gay (2010-10-03)

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0:00:00ACC: “Does Tylenol kill snakes?” JCD: “Well, in high doses it’ll kill you.” (1:23:31)
0:00:38ACC tackling Conventional Idiocy by Rick Sanchez, fired for insinuating Jews run the media, JCD: “I thought he just was a white guy who changed his name to Sanchez to get more work”, mentor Jonathan Klein fired a week prior; Sanchez to Pete Dominick: “I think Jon Stewart’s a bigot”, “prejudicial” buzzword, elusive Mark Twain “had a child, planted a tree, and written a book” quote, hysterical giggle, “everybody who runs CNN is a lot like Stewart”
0:16:47Producer Segment: JCD service bell; ACC fighting with stream server
0:25:45State Department “be vigilant” against Mumbai-style terror attack, another anti-Pakistan move; Carl Levin on ambiguities in proposed troop reduction timelines, ACC: contract negotiation time; another Osama bin Laden tape shows up out of nowhere, “climate change in modern times”; CNN on information from “Afghan-German” captured by US, “we’ve talked to counterterrorism sources”, “homegrown terrorism” meme in Germany and UK
0:40:43Cheesy psychedelic Zardoz film; official No Agenda drink “two shots to the head”; Zombie Slayer MMORPG team No Agenda Militia
0:44:00New feature: condescending Austan Goolsbee at “White House whiteboard” on tax cuts: “what I wanted to do today is just break it down real simple so you can understand exactly what the debate is about”, “everyone agrees”; Obama weekly address on BrightSource “revolutionary new type of solar power plant”, investors Morgan Stanley, BP, and Google, early 2011 IPO; Hillary Clinton’s promise to cut off Blackwater from government money vs lucrative State Department contract for Xe Services subsidiary International Development Solutions; BrightSource’s Department of Energy $1.3bn loan guarantee
0:55:05Katherine Heigl Chantix “went bananas” story on Letterman, e-cigarette demonstration
1:00:23Schwarzenegger signs bill decriminalizing an ounce or less of marijuana, Nullification report for next show; Bones on media distractions like Lindsay Lohan vs BP
1:04:43Donation Segment
1:14:30Cattle mutilations on Georgia family farm; ninth human foot found in Vancouver
1:16:0010:10 Global No Pressure short film with denialists gruesomely blown to bits, Spanner Films’ Franny Armstrong, money from Microsoft “crowdfunding”; Tesla recalls 400 Roadsters
1:22:46Navy addressing Guam tree snake problem by dumping frozen mice full of Tylenol, JCD: “they don’t want the snakes to die with a headache”, “cardboard wings and green streamers”
1:24:45Emergency Alert System monthly test; producer video of 15 Chinook helicopters over Hollywood Hills, 2011 film The Battle for Los Angeles
1:29:04Thomas C. Adams’ State Department bio page: Foreign Service Institute “spook school” gig, Romanian American Foundation, JCD on picking up cop vibe at work; “Epic Fail” stinger
1:33:12Haiti requests rebuilding help from Prince Charles’ architectural planning charity; JCD spots The Globe headline “Prince Charles is Gay”
1:34:47Producer note on Stuxnet stolen $250k driver-signing certificates, Symantec “dossier” on DLL with registry key 19790509, May 9 1979 date of Habib Elghanian execution, June 24 2012 execution date; Indian satellite INSAT-4B infected; Environment America
1:44:09JCD on Rahm Emanuel’s departure and history of chief of staff “prime minister”, bullcrap “thanks to Rahm” and The West Wing; Bernie Sanders gripes about income distribution, ACC on “fuck the rich” sentiment, hate comments on JCD Bugatti Veyron post; Democrats griping about nonexistent “Bush tax cuts for the rich”