Call Clooney!

23 Vasectomies and The Fountain of Youth (2008-03-23)

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0:00:24Snow in UK, JCD driving Miyata with top down
0:01:30Federal Reserve hands Bear Stearns over to J.P. Morgan Chase; Canadian vs US dollar
0:06:15Listener comment: Eliot Spitzer a distraction from resignation of CENTCOM’s William Fallon; JCD gripes about clothes shopping with women; Patricia’s Holland’s Got Talent demo
0:12:45Phorm advertising-injection company; listeners cut off by ISPs for leaving BitTorrent running
0:15:27JCD on Democrats unable to listen to Rush Limbaugh, “operation chaos” to get Hillary on ticket; Obama Reverend Wright potential scandal, Hillary screaming at Secret Service
0:22:06JCD on UBS troubles: “how does a Swiss bank make this mistake?”, Northern Rock’s high interest savings accounts
0:25:47William Fallon and Eliot Spitzer resignations, prostitution taboo; ubiquitousness of porn, extension of show business; show business and depressions
0:31:59ACC: “what is the deal with Tibet?”, JCD to the meditators: “why don’t they just will China out of existence?”, “psychic fair” signs
0:37:46Listener amused at notion of Steve Case in Flock of Seagulls
0:38:27JCD tries to decipher his notes, powdered detergents useless, cooking tongue, “glassware mess” vs all matching glassware, ACC’s Mayflower Hotel glasses, “I have other things on my mind rather than picking up the pen that’s on the floor”, JCD on professionally decorated friend’s house, “salad bowl” bathroom sinks and marble eggs; ACC’s AGA stove
0:55:34JCD battling Argentine ants; abnormally large marine life sightings, 20-pound German rabbit
0:59:56Dick Cheney “so?” about civilian deaths; ACC on people enjoying JCD stories and topics on TWiT, JCD: “when I was a kid they didn’t have rocks
1:02:45JCD on 1920s book plugging vasectomy for youthful look