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239 Change Comes From GNU (2010-09-30)

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0:00:00JCD: “Yeah, Chertoff, that creepy guy that ran Homeland Security.” (1:28:02)
0:00:35ACC’s sore throat, JCD: “swine flu!”, Chinook and Apache helicopters overhead; ACC’s “new” 1999 Saab 93 Turbo with dashboard “night mode”, beverage-magnet ignition keyhole between seats; Mevio minions at TechCrunch “douchebag festival”
0:07:41Producer Segment: Hot Pockets Tour RV secured by Mr. Oil; No Agenda LinkedIn group
0:15:47Hedge fund Blackwater investor explains name change to Xe as SEO
0:18:28Law & Order: Los Angeles Douchebags “99% of 12-year-old girls would kill to be the illegal-drinking, E-popping, club-crawling Chelsea Sennett”, poorly-disguised Lindsay Lohan reference, “I was going to London” silence with “dipshit music”, ACC on Mondrian Hotel lounge music; Lohan hawking paparazzi photos with Gitmo jewelry around neck
0:24:31Law & Order: SVU ten-year-old rape kit followed by report of San Francisco DNA testing bill, “the basis for a Law & Order TV episode”; TechCrunch iOS “black box” app for women
0:29:42UN ODC Office of Drugs and Crime: Afghan opium production down by nearly 50%, plant infection, “unlikely to stay low”, Russian spokesman’s blooper reel with salaam alaikum
0:38:18Anderson Cooper “new rumblings of terror threats”, Eiffel Tower evacuation, Western passports meme, JCD on photo printed into document, Fran Townsend on “soft targets”; ACC: “there never will be a movie theater blown to bits with people in it”; Hillary Clinton “uh”-fest: “we know that al-Qaeda and its network of terrorists wishes to attack both European and US targets”, JCD: “she sounds like she’s talking to a two-year-old”; New York Times on administration calling for ability to decrypt online communication; Nationwide Suspicious Activity Reporting Initiative, JCD on being taught Cubans are terrible because they rat on each other; New York Times “how to spot a terrorist” op-ed by John Farmer: “a young man walks into a beauty supply store and buys hydrogen peroxide”
0:52:33Interviewee list in preface to Bob Woodward’s Obama’s Wars, ACC: “spook!”, Colin Powell proposed as Robert Gates replacement: “when he speaks there’s no, kind of, wobble”, ACC: “liar is what he is!”, “I’ll get a call tomorrow”, “maybe Powell could figure out a way, and there would be some good news, where we kill the people who need to be killed, and we also shorten the war”, threats over CIA “link chart” to Zardari after Times Square bomb incident
1:08:16Donation Segment: “you’ve got karma” jingle with ACC “yay!
1:19:45UFOs and Nukes: Extraordinary Encounters at Nuclear Weapons Sites author Robert Hastings at press conference on Air Force reports of missile silo shutdowns, ACC on time-traveling aliens
1:27:10Chertoff Group “expert” Richard Falkenrath on Stuxnet: “the techie people who analyzed this”, “more likely, frankly, is Israel”, Siemens S7-400 and S7-300 PLC targeting lie; scenario described by Scott Borg in July 2009; upcoming Homeland Security Cyber Storm III drill
1:37:58Caesar and Cleopatra “British oysters” and “Chianti” flubs; EU approves GMO crops
1:41:12Obama University of Wisconsin “folks” meme, “change happens because of you”; swipe at Fox News in Rolling Stone; “invaluable” Olbermann and Maddow “blowing each other” show notes “sinkhole”; producer job application “drug and tobacco test”
1:48:15AP: not one cent of pledged $1.1bn has made its way to Haiti; State Department Special Coordinator for Haiti Thomas C. Adams on the job; Wyclef Jean in the hospital
1:51:56Segway company owner dies driving off cliff; producer spots UC Berkeley spook in Yemen
1:55:05TSA liquid and gel sniffers for 2012; DHS VIPR checking semi trucks for radiation in Atlanta
2:00:39Access Hollywood mocks Lindsay Lohan’s addiction with mug shot “coffee table book”