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238 Hawaii-Five-Blows (2010-09-26)

Show 238 album art
0:00:00JCD: “Flat-chested women in their twenties and thirties and forties and fifties are kiddie porn.” (1:05:05)
0:00:35ACC’s new audio setup with MIDI controller duties moved to iPad; ACC at Universal Studios for Eyegore Awards, zombified actors and mazes, zombified Gitmo slaves
0:04:51Flu shots claimed to lower risk of heart attack; public “leery” of single shot; Law & Order: SVU microchipped kid, “they probably told you that so you would behave”
0:09:31Producer Segment
0:21:08Law & Order: SVU lab scene: “the hospital could scan the implant and retrieve valuable medical information”, Richard Belzer’s crackpot John Munch: “so could any third-rate hacker”, “welcome to the New World Order”
0:26:05JCD beer-retrieving dog “I’ve never had the money!” joke; Fox News in Detroit spying on Chrysler workers drinking beer and smoking weed at lunch, “here comes the big brew crew!”, “hate to be a buzzkill, but shouldn’t you guys be building cars?”
0:31:17Family Guy Tricia Takanawa prototype reports on Castro Valley power outage, perplexed kid: “later in the day it started to get like pitch black everywhere”
0:34:59And Now Back to Real News: News of the World sepia-tone photos of Lindsay Lohan shooting heroin and making out with Paris Hilton, JCD: “things really slide fast for some people”; Katy Perry’s cleavage “banned” from Sesame Street; Saturday Night Live Michelle Obama and Big Bird overdub skit
0:45:23Hawaii Five-O jiggle-cam, bad lighting and acting, too-loud incidental music, ACC: “we need an intervention on you, John!”, JCD: “one more clip!”
0:48:42UK “tax cuts for good citizens” who act as “special constables” or “block Nazis”, ACC: “a lot of fluoride in the water”; Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs proposing paychecks pass through government for proper tax extraction; TSA sued for rifling through passenger’s wallet receipts for evidence of divorce embezzlement; Mimi left twiddling thumbs as opt-out punishment, female thug “on break”; JCD TSA audition, ACC embarrassing Micky by barking back
1:01:41Producer note on USPS requiring 13-ounce package in-person mailing requirement; school board resignation over planted kiddie porn; JCD on 1-hour photo bearskin rug scenario
1:05:34Donation Segment
1:17:58Congressional testimony on threat of immigration laws to fruit industry, JCD on flying over Bolivian factory farms, Berkeley Farms owned by Dean Foods
1:27:01Astrophysicist Mazlan Othman in UNOOSA United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs
1:32:27Human leg found in Tennessee River, feet discovered at Cleethorpes Beach and Humber estuary
1:34:54Producer note on Pakistan floods and Kalabagh Dam project, Bob Woodward and Dianne Feinstein reveal 3000-person CIA operation and US base, Chinese Port of Gwadar and 11k soldiers for flood relief, rail from Gwadar to Chinese border, line out of Kabul for minerals
1:41:08Oil industry emergency drills off coast of Southampton, EU irked at Norway; San Diego tweeting earthquake preparedness drill, military helicopters overhead freaking out Ms. Micky
1:48:00Rumors of David Axelrod leaving White House; administration officials ditch Peter Orszag wedding; scripted Chris Christie “and you know what” intervention with Meg Whitman heckler
1:53:54Medical student note on list of symptoms for kids to be given antidepressants
1:57:43Stephen Colbert introduces satirical testimony before Congress on immigration, outraged “insult to Congress” reactions; Nigel Farage on demise of euro for end of show