Call Clooney!

237 Just Hiking (2010-09-23)

Show 237 album art
0:00:00ACC: “At this point you might as well watch the Kardashians, it’s less harmful.” (1:59:27)
0:00:38Autumnal Equinox and inaccessible Stonehenge; gold about to hit $1300, Petaluma heirloom seed bank; ACC recommends Daniel Suarez’ Daemon and Freedom, Inc.
0:06:57Bruce Schneier on “devious” Stuxnet worm with target “still unknown”; EU Internet Governance Forum; Iran’s Bushehr nuclear plant delayed due to “weather”, Siemens PLCs
0:13:49Producer Segment: Media Spy review, kid “in the morning!”, “Gitmo Nation Stain Removal”
0:28:26And Now Back to Real News: Fall lineup The Chase, 24 wannabe The Event “three weeks earlier, five minutes earlier, six days earlier … can’t you just tell the story?” (JCDPPotD), J.J. Abrams’ Undercover “worst show he’s ever done”, “they’ve got the black guy miked apparently with something from Radio Shack, and this other guy’s in a booth!”, Hawaii Five-0 “crap”
0:36:14Obama resignation in favor of Hillary theory; Forbes anti-Obama article; “stooge” Donald Trump on woes of Carter administration and Iranian hostage crisis, “we need somebody that knows how to speak to our enemies”; middle-class shill to Obama: “exhausted defending you”
0:44:37Bill Clinton YouTube interview on Iran “hikers”: Iranians “know that these young people are not in any way involved in espionage”, JCD on University of California backgrounds like “Ling-Ling and Lam-Lam”, Clinton: “clearly innocent of any espionage”, Iran may “ask for some high-level representative of the government to go there and bring them home”; JCD on hikers passing through Iraq “completely filled with land mines”; Goldman Sachs and Citibank offices open in Iran; Nixon “October surprise” ending Vietnam War, Iranian hostage release January 1980; JCD: Clinton Foundation cleaning up books for Hillary’s presidential run
0:55:24Bono’s AIDS charity spending more on salaries than on aid, “freebies” for New York newspapers; Clinton asked by fake Haitian about plans there, government money for “big infrastructure projects”, working with Carlos Slim on $20M fund for small business loans, lobbying UN for Wyclef Jean diaspora dual citizenship, “two successive parliaments have to vote for it”
1:07:58Donation Segment: Seroquel and Abilify side effects; “chardonnay and rent boys”
1:19:50October 13 UFO event 10 + 13 + 10 = 33, Rolling Rock 33 label; Reuters PR Newswire pushing UFOs and Nukes: Extraordinary Encounters at Nuclear Weapons Sites book
1:22:11BI Luzerne County PA facility for “clients” to reduce prison “enrollment”, “92-year-old inmate who served three days because he took out the coupons out of the newspaper in a convenient mart”, ACC: “you must go into jail slave!”; JCD on Orlando cop breaking drunk geezer’s neck
1:30:00Bell CA mayor and other officials arrested over misappropriation of funds, JCD: battering ram “showcase arrest”, “these guys aren’t going to spend one day in jail”, retirement loophole
1:36:22H.R.3534 CLEAR Act handing UN control of water resources, sponsor Nick “looks like a drunk” Rahall, Law of the Sea Treaty; officials baffled by Gulf Coast “fish kills”, “whether any of those incidents are related to the oil spill, though, remains a big question”
1:42:54John Gruden sound-alike Austan Goolsbee on Ed Show, ACC: “he looks like a little twerp!”; Fox News compares dollars spent with jobs saved or created; Home Depot CEO on small business killer Sarbanes-Oxley; $444M IPO barrier, TWiT “another Curry thing” mockery
1:52:30RT on AquaBounty GMO GE salmon, “crazy-looking witch” squawks about allergies, “the company says escape is unlikely”; JCD on “super dog” Weimaraner stolen breeding stock
1:59:15JCD on NCIS Mexican corruption theme; Family Guy “four more years of douchebag!”
2:00:46National Survey on Drug Use and Health, Drug Czar “so-called” medical marijuana; ACC calls bullcrap on “not like what we had in the 60s or 70s” meme