Call Clooney!

236 Kids with Depression (2010-09-19)

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0:00:00ACC: “Why, they don’t even have their name trademarked! They don’t know what they’re doin’” JCD: “They’re idiots!” ACC: “They’re stupid, I can’t believe it!” JCD: “They’re throwing money away!” ACC: “They’re leaving money on the table!” (1:19:29)
0:00:44Producer’s daughter spots contrived Katy Perry concert stunt; couple indicted for transferring LANL nuclear secrets to Venezuela, douchebag CIA author Jerry Seper, Polar beer
0:11:08Producer Segment: Spongebob Squarepants “in the morning”
0:22:27ACC on MKULTRA Christina O’Donnell’s date at Satanic altar
0:27:04Afghanistan as stepping stone to grabbing Pakistani nukes, MQM party leader murdered; 2002 Dan Rather “hard-nosed investigative reporting” on Osama bin Laden’s September 10 2001 dialysis in Pakistan; ACC’s Iranian hairdresser predicts no chance of bombing “the President is losing it” article, “yelling like a spoiled child”; Jason Calacanis story on Obama rudeness; JCD on Christina O’Donnell’s resemblance to Rachel Ray
0:44:19Times of India: miracle cure for PMS low dose of Prozac; Abilify ad “increased risk of death or stroke”, “extreme high blood sugar can lead to coma or death”; Seroquel XR ad “increased risk of death”, “high blood sugar has been reported … and in extreme cases can lead to coma or death”; checklist “persistent boredom”, “increased irritability, anger, or hostility”, ACC’s hairdresser’s $25k private kindergarten concerned about Star Wars drawings, web site daytime TV marketing research
0:58:42“Don’t be big tobacco’s next victim” PSA; New York City to ban smoking outdoors and rely on people ratting on each other; Jessica Simpson abusing nicotine patches
1:02:56Cambridge scientists: 42 a constant linked to age of universe
1:04:07Donation Segment: JCD on Cranky Geeks cancellation
1:19:45UFO shuts down Thailand airport; retired NORAD Stanley Fulham’s Challenges of Change predicts UFO display October 13; Skyline trailer with Stephen Hawking and Dan Rather B-roll
1:25:31HFCS rebranding to “corn sugar” on way to “sugar”; douchebag John Holdren’s “global climate disruption”; BBC: UK overdue for English Channel earthquake, Seattle Times: coast ill-prepared for tsunami; De Telegraaf pushing “good salt” calium, JCD on sel fumée, Google calium calcium result, kalium potassium chloride
1:39:263M acquires Attenti “remote people tracking” provider in “geriatric and judicial care segments” and Cogent Systems biometrics/RFID, JCD: “I thought this company just made Scotch tape”
1:41:33And Now Back to Real News: Lindsay Lohan fails drug test
1:43:25French producer on small town increasing taxes by 3380% to force land selloff; Paris “mosque in a box”, JCD on prayers in basement of SFO parking garage “pointed at Anchorage”; Islamophobia fearmongering
1:46:53DREAM Act military service provision with fuzzy “good moral character” requirement
1:49:51Iran “hiker” Sarah Shourd press release on “sweet smell of sandalwood” in Oman, flimsy lump in breast reason for release; Blackwater Xe subsidiary Total Intelligence working for Monsanto against anti-GMO activists, Erik Prince on CNBC for end of show; multilingual Shourd’s Berkeley background and “economic hitwoman” gigs around the world
1:56:34Sheila Jackson Lee urges investigation of Craigslist personals as sex trafficking; New York Times Magazine fearmongering over engineers: “a group that is notoriously associated with terrorist violence and fundamental political beliefs”; Craigslist lawyer finally stands up to Jackson Lee; Congress unconcerned about