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235 Disaster Capitalist (2010-09-16)

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0:00:00JCD: “I’m surprised they’re not killing each other more often.” (1:37:08)
0:00:34ACC’s Schiphol check-in issues due to ETSA Electronic System for Travel Authorization, 55-pound luggage weight limit; JCD on Lufthansa laptop extraction; body scanners shut down
0:09:15Producer Segment: “outstandingly beautiful” challenge coins
0:20:18MTV VMA Chelsea Handler backstage Gitmo jewelry comedy with Lindsay Lohan; WICD on ankle bracelets: “I pay them to let me stay home”, sheriff: gives “first-time offenders a chance to still maintain employment”; Kane County Labor Day weekend breathalyzer tests
0:28:50Tulsa police “mascot” Pedobear warning, “Pedobear is now walking among us”, JCD: “there he goes!”, “handing out free candy to children” at San Diego Comic Con, Gawker mockery, “now being used by pedophiles to identify one another”, “I checked with TPD and Pedobear has not been spotted here in Tulsa”; “real Pedobear” Pope visiting UK
0:35:08Waco Tea Party’s Toby Marie Walker to NPR on focus “constitutionally-limited government, free markets, and fiscal responsibility”, “lismus test”, right-wing American Family Association’s Brian Fischer on “resisting the homosexual agenda”, “I like what Toby is saying, that … they support those values”, JCD: “Marxist-style co-opting”; ACC predicts Pedobear link to Tea Party; JCD on right-wingers running Doug Hoffman in New York’s 23rd District
0:50:42Jon Stewart to fake Tea Partier Dick Armey: Give Us Liberty book “sounds like Karl Marx”, drunk Armey “I wasn’t real happy about it”, “no laughin’ at the Armey curve”; JCD: Tea Party Express “pro-war operation”, “it’s to keep the Democrats in power”
0:54:27Mother Jones “Haiti’s Disaster Capitalists Swoop In” on refugees being moved to “industrial work zones”, Argentine entrepreneur’s plan for 240-room Port-au-Prince airport hotel
0:58:06John Kerry rumored to be next Secretary of State after Hillary; Carla Bruni tell-all on Michelle Obama; Dick Morris on Hillary’s “opening shot” in 2012 primary if Obama is “massacred”
1:04:01Donation Segment
1:14:05Wired/Engadget article about DARPA soldier mind-control project, Killing Joke lyric about GWEN Ground Wave Emergency Network towers, 435-450 MHz subliminal programming, vaccine nanotechnology; CNN: popular people get flu first, CDC high-dose vaccine, UK warning against homeopathic measures, JCD: same bogus playbook at last year; Brazil IN pharmacy ditches flu vaccine, reporter misrepresents “my gut feeling” as endorsement
1:27:50DHS spying on people opposed to gas drilling on behalf of industry; ACC predicts oil disaster in North Sea or Norway; TV weatherman has to be reminded of Cuba “cyclone fear”
1:32:58General strikes in Spain; New Delhi rounding up the beggars in anticipation of Commonwealth Games; HSI Homeland Security Investigations cracking down on counterfeit sports apparel and Duracell batteries in New Orleans; US Marshal service fugitive “collection agency”; Dark Blue cell phone tap and vajazzling memes; UK teen banned from US for calling Obama a prick
1:42:03Meal Tracker fingerprint system for school lunches in Arkansas, Facebook mother: “this would prevent the mix up so I’m all for it!”; JCD recommends Charlie Chaplain’s Modern Times
1:43:48Trains Good Planes Bad: Schwarzenegger checking out Chinese trains, $45bn in Japanese loans for California rail; Fox News on pilot drug abuse and schizophrenia, Dutch police “pull drunk pilot from plane”; Bipartisan Policy Center on aviation as terrorism target
1:55:27Severed “foots” from same person on Dutch and British coast
1:57:26EPIC FOIA against NSA for Google collusion; C-SPAN “listen!” caller, host “let me leave it there”; IRS promises to exempt credit card transactions from Obamacare Form 1099 mandate