Call Clooney!

234 Phasers on Stun (2010-09-12)

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0:00:00JCD: “So leprechauns seem to have a red beard.” (1:53:07)
0:00:33ACC in Amsterdam sending JCD e-mails to ignore, “uppity slaves” at “outstanding” meetup, Berlitz Dutch for Travellers for JCD, “there is hope for this country after all”, ACC looking like Jon Hamm in new glasses replacing rose-colored ones, JCD’s yellow inspector lenses
0:09:09Geert Wilders 9/11 speech; Terry Jones backs off on Koran burning after Robert Gates talking-to, Victory Mosque CIA connection, JCD honeypot theory; ACC’s father’s “in the morning”
0:17:37Duped by Canadian “holographic” child in road actually done in chalk
0:19:09Producer Segment
0:25:41BBC breaking news: British troops investigated for smuggling heroin
0:28:17Sniffling Michelle Obama Shanksville meme-fest “no strangers to service”, Obama weekly address “national day of service”; empty LAX arrivals video, Rumsfeld “shot down the plane over Pennsylvania”; Thomas Keene on new type of plastic explosive used by crotch bomber
0:39:18Boring Obama press conference on failure to close Gitmo; Skull and Bones Austan Goolsbee to replace Christina Romer, “extemporaneous speaking” bullshit award; stammering Obama: “as someone who relies heavily on my Christian faith in my job”, scrubbed Politico missing wedding ring story; West Wing Week for “the year 5771”, Rosh Hashanah conference call; JCD on two-Obama theory: “one of ‘em’s got grayer hair, the one’s slower-witted”
0:50:58San Luis Obispo sheriff warning about Pedobear “made popular by pedophiles and sexual deviants”; MSNBC on “sightings” in Southern California, JCD: “these are the dumbest fucks I’ve ever seen in my life, these people!”, SAFE Sexual Assault Felony Enforcement hotline
0:57:44BBC on UK earthquake training exercise, “we don’t get many earthquakes in this country … it could be, God forbid, a 9/11”, Haiti comparison, 11 deaths from earthquakes since 974
1:02:35Donation Segment
1:10:31Raytheon Missile Systems VP Mike Booen enthuses about new slave-frying weapon at LA jail: “when they set their phasers to stun, they did that that so they didn’t kill people”, “this will get your attention and make your brain focus on making it stop”, giggling journalists zapped, ACLU: torture device “guinea pigs”; excuse for Gitmo jewelry and more jails
1:21:33Pregnant woman denied opt-out at O’Hare, TSA “less than an ultrasound”; pharmacist lying about flu shot; random searches for PATCO commuters; North Carolina sheriffs seeking painkiller prescription records; appeals court: no search warrant needed for cell location data
1:28:35Thom Hartmann on family’s Republican background, JCD on evolution of political bumper stickers; Bringing America Home author Tom Pauken on Fox News blacklist, JCD on left-wing neo-conservative Bush; Boiling Mad: Inside Tea Party America author Kate Zernike on pervasive “strong anti-establishment feeling”; “co-opted” Tea Party and checklist Republicans
1:40:40Trains Good Planes Bad: transplant kidney refused by airline, unmedicated model Tiffany Livingston JetBlue door freakout, SkyRider stand-up seats; JCD on flying with human heart
1:46:10Lightning strikes BOPEC oil storage facilities in Bonaire and Curaçao
1:48:42Carol Burnett to Joy Behar on Barbara Stanwyck’s “my leprechaun told me”; Kalmyk president Kirsan Ilyumzhinov’s abduction claim; Resident Evil 3D continues zombie meme
1:54:21Second IMF installment for Greece; American Greed on Bernie Madoff’s arrival to jail
2:00:48Watsonville CA says no to water fluoridation; EPA cracking down on stormwater runoff
2:03:43Survivor “I didn’t get to manage $400M worth of business at Yahoo by just being a nice guy”
2:05:14Fishy San Bruno pipeline explosion