Call Clooney!

233 Jean versus Sean (2010-09-09)

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0:00:00ACC: “Because, y’know, if you masturbate, not only do you not make kids, who of course are killing the environment with their evil CO2 emissions from pooping, but you’re also generating energy for your remote control.” (1:19:33)
0:00:48ACC in Netherlands with Micky pregnant in tabloids, pot-bellied stove bong photo; TSA smoking police and “we have an opt-out!” crisis, no search of “command center for al-Qaeda” bag, male genitalia on “what the officers see” signs; JCD tip on avoiding SFO naked body scanners; no Dutch government after three months; horse owners slaughtering animals for food
0:15:20Producer Segment: “faux hookers” for Dutch NAGGERS meetup
0:24:39Beach “foots” in Sweden and regurgitated by tiger shark, police “unsure how the victim died”
0:27:08Vinnie Politan on child predator “step-by-step manual?”, “turnkey guide”, JCD: “for you franchisees”, “nothing illegal about possessing it at this point”, Behar: “do you know if there are pictures in the manual”, ACC: “Pedo Behar!”, Behar misses “corroboration” point completely
0:37:48Wyclef Jean in concert: I got a message for Sean Penn / maybe he ain’t see me in Haiti because he was too busy sniffin’ cocaine
0:41:16Federal trumps local meme, Jerry Bruckheimer’s new Chase US Marshals show
0:46:22Shadow Puppet Theater: Rahm Emanuel being groomed to replace Daley dynasty in Chicago, “jabroneyette” Christina Romer headed back to position at Berkeley, ACC: “she should be beheaded!”, “CFR sleazeball” Peter Orszag also leaving White House; Obama’s rousing Labor Day speech with D vs R car metaphor screw-up; CNN and other left-wing media peeved at Obama ad-lib “they talk about me like a dog”, “I think he believes that he’s accomplished a lot and so do I”, lower third orchestrated with script
0:57:57Ban Ki-moon and sixty minions at “remote Austrian Alpine retreat, discussing ways to put their sprawling organization in charge of the world’s agenda”, “global redistribution of wealth”
1:01:47Donation Segment: Aric the Shill’s map
1:17:52Japanese companies in on project harvesting body warmth to power TV remotes, ACC masturbation scenario, JCD: “I think it’s gonna rub some people the wrong way”
1:20:01No Agenda Swine Flu Minute: “why you’ll only need one flu shot this season, and the big changes involving who will need to get one!”, “why this year’s vaccine is meant for everyone, and is cheaper too!”; New Scientist on H5N1’s jump to pigs in Indonesia; Medical News Today “stay vigilant”; JCD on vaccine available six weeks early; KTVU “vaccines are arriving” package with screaming kid, “I get it every year” zombie, “free to most people”; University of Baltimore English 333 students “will watch 16 classic zombie films and read zombie comics”
1:33:50Opposition to reopening of San Francisco’s only gun shop: “a business that 14% of the neighborhood, which is to say our children, can’t go into”, JCD: “the neighborhood is a shithole!”
1:36:18Man arrested for mints mistaken for crack; L’Oreal heiress questioned over Sarkozy campaign money; producer note on Paris Muslim street prayers, JCD on Muslim majority map; Courrier International “learn to anticipate” shortened Twin Towers ad; Hillary Clinton likens Mexican drug war to insurgency; British Columbia to project 3D hologram of child running into road photo of Canadian soldier in marijuana field; Katie Couric on Petraeus “hearts and minds” vs civilian murder spree story, Terry Jones Koran burning, WTC mosque
1:58:34Higher Irish ATM fees raised to cut down on armed robberies; Nigel Farage vs European Parliament end-of-show clip; positive Chantix experiences; ACC’s Show 134 $1500 gold prediction
2:03:25Hill+Knowlton aviation “near miss” theme; new 3D WTC analysis video; late Sunday show