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232 Eating the Evidence (2010-09-05)

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0:00:00JCD: “The big news is that you can’t get a hooker on Craigslist any more.” (1:16:56)
0:00:35In the morning to all “sips at sea”
0:01:12Producer Segment: “Gitmo Nation Fondue”; Orwell challenge coin; NAGGERS meetup
0:13:56Roald Dahl’s Lamb to the Slaughter “eating the evidence” and ad for FBI commemorative coin of USS New York “built using 7.5 tons of steel salvaged from the World Trade Center”
0:18:23And Now Back to Real News: Paris Hilton busted for cocaine on Vegas Strip, JCD: “Nancy Grace … sure sounds like she’s got a cold”, to Daniel Horowitz: “just try to focus, all right?”
0:23:38Burnt body with missing foot found on Brighton UK golf course, JCD: “spontaneous human combustion”, dogs find foot near Dutch harbor, ACC: “something is afoot”
0:26:03Miami International Airport shut down for seven hours over canister carried by scientist convicted of shipping bubonic plague, discovered in customs instead of security
0:30:10Iraqi Operation New Dawn handoff at Victory Base, Robert Gates: premise for war “proved not to be valid” for most Americans, C-SPAN library robots.txt denials; Counterinsurgency author David Kilcullen on fighting China “over water and oil”, all-in on Robert Gates, “student of history”; US Army building for-profit railroad in Afghanistan, ACC: “I think gemstones”
0:41:27Chroma key Obama Labor Day address on “investments in roads and bridges and high-speed railroads”; JCD on Union Oil tanks painted rust color vs soon-to-be-retired dirty BNSF engines
0:47:11Paris Hilton arrest and National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month proclamation
0:48:29Local package on young kid’s “snack packs” for Afghanistan: “I just wanted the troops to like feel better, have them have a little taste from home”, Modesto vs Sacramento location
0:55:19ACC predicts failure for Howard Stern taking to the internet, CD value through tangibility
0:59:50Donation Segment: producer note on REI advertising on NPR; “Gitmo Nation Foie Gras”
1:12:23Distraction of the Week: no Pentagon resources to investigate porn activities, pedophile ring convicted in Portugal involving “thousands of orphans” at state-run home, 639 crimes confessed by one defendant, ACC on Madeline McCann connection; Craigslist prostitution crackdown, JCD advocates .xxx domain “hookerville”, “forty roses”, ACC on @eros Twitter feed
1:19:40Dozens of British 999 calls for sightings of UFOs and ghosts including Paul Newman, Shrewsbury UFO video; US spy satellites to be used by law enforcement, James Clapper: “this is a development all Americans should have great pride in”; ACC Goodyear Blimp speculation
1:27:05CBN’s Dale Hurd on “Maxime Lepante” recording evidence of Islamization in Paris with “hidden camera”: “this is all illegal in France”, shopkeepers throwing “pork festivals”
1:31:03Two-minute Chantix ad with additional text disclaimers: “hostility, agitation, depressed mood, and suicidal thoughts or actions” revisited; diabetes drug Onglyza “tell your doctor if you have a history or risk of diabetic ketoacidosis”, JCD: “wouldn’t he be telling you that?”; Wired on MDMA trial on Iraq veterans for PTSD, JCD “big smile and a goofball look” on ecstasy users
1:41:34Vapid Current TV announcer gushes about Burning Man: “hello all you beautiful humans!”; 80 undercover BLM cops in costume roaming around busting drug users
1:45:48Geraldo Rivera throws himself a party for his “four decades in the news business”
1:48:37JCD takes war-centric US citizenship quiz, ACC “wrong, slave!
1:54:11Christchurch 7.1 earthquake; San Francisco 5.5; Yellowstone peril
1:59:26Hollywood all-in on uselessness of men, female MIT students’ sex toys
2:01:57End-of-show clip: “ScanWOW” ad by New World Order Solutions
2:02:26Outro: ACC announces Hot Pockets Across America Tour