Call Clooney!

230 Battle of the Billionaires (2010-08-29)

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0:00:00ACC: “Have you ever seen The Vagina Monologues?” (1:42:45)
0:00:34ACC’s nature walk at reservoir, “I could’ve thrown anything in there”
0:02:32Producer Segment: Sir Paul Couture Knight ring designs
0:11:09“Ann Coulter wannabe” Laura Ingraham on 9/11 “victory mosque” plans, no mention of Bloomberg’s assertion she was in favor, “talking points” inconsistency; Judge Edward Lehner WTC 7 reference
0:19:45Obama weekly address “responsibly ending the Iraq War”, bases “closed or turned over to Iraq”, “the bottom line is this: the war is ending”; JCD on “James Bond of India” and ISI-CIA-Taliban collusion “corrupt mess”; Pakistani sites accusing CIA of causing floods
0:25:10National Preparedness Month, crappy FEMA video series, “our family just volunteered on our community emergency response team” part of Citizen Corps program, FEMA “grassroots strategy”, JCD: “it’s an oxymoron”, ACC: “shut up slave, get on the train!
0:33:10Trains Good Planes Bad: California requiring French high-speed rail companies to disclose records of concentration camp deliveries; New York Times reporter Ed Black goes into detail on IBM’s Hollerith card sorting machines for Nazi Germany; Center for Urban Infrastructure gives away Bakersfield-Fresno freight plan, “air rights” for parking; water landing alert on British Airways flight triggered by mistake; ghost hunter killed by train on North Carolina trestle, JCD: “there’s an extra ghost now”; JetBlue tire fire in Sacramento
0:43:23Producer note on sysadmin work making Mexican ID cards for Carlos Slim in Tijuana, “we’re putting loopholes in the system”, ACC: developers “have some Crackpot-Buzzkill in them”
0:46:18Jane Mayer New Yorker hit piece on the Koch Brothers’ “war on Obama”, extols George Soros’ work to defeat George W. Bush
0:48:59Donation Segment: JCD on Washington speeding tickets; Family Jewels “hookers and blow”
1:04:41NPR pre-roll ad roulette, Jane Mayer to Terry Gross: Kochs “hard-line libertarians; secret Democrat strategy meeting at Aspen Institute organized by chairman of NPR advertiser Progressive, Koch money for Nova and ACLU; JCD on Mevio lunch and Koch ”Swift Boat“ associative propaganda, roster of Fresh Air loaded terms ”private agenda“ and ”astroturf“
1:18:49Greenpeace report on funding for “climate change machine” with Getty belching smokestack images, Heritage Foundation “misinterprets science and policy regarding the climate”; Democracy Now Koch media hit with identical talking points, “their ideological network is known as the Kochtopus”, flimsy outrage over formaldehyde business
1:31:17Triangular UFO crash in Fresno; new meme “utricity” from urine
1:33:05Briefcase-buying advice from character on AMC drama Rubicon: “clasps, not zippers!”
1:36:32Sentenced to military service for Facebook post; EPA outlaws lead bullets and sinkers; Cleveland RFID recycling bins; “Blest” plastic-to-oil machine’s explosive depolymerization gases
1:41:01Pulled Summer’s Eve “how to ask for a raise” ad; The Vagina Monologues douche segment
1:45:00Michael Clarke: be afraid of “lone wolf” released prisoners radicalized in jail; Canadian “homegrown terror cell” communicating via public library computers, IED “components”, arrestee on Canadian Idol singing Avril Lavigne, ACC: “breeding ground for terrorists!”
1:50:58Senate Republicans object to hearing bill giving Congress subpoena power over BP
1:57:13United Egg Producers video, “beak trimming” to prevent cannibalism
2:02:09And Now Back to Real News: sex tape with Karissa Shannon and Heidi Montag
2:04:02ACC to appear with “contrarian view” on TWiT with Kevin Rose and Robert Scoble