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229 Eggs & Poop (2010-08-26)

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0:00:00ACC: “This is outrageous, of all people, you homeschool your kids yet you put ‘em on a leash!”
0:00:40Egg recall for food safety bill and adjuvant excuse; Thom Hartmann on UK farmers vaccinating chickens against salmonella; word of the day cloaca Latin for “sewer”; Penn & Teller’s Bullshit: “even if vaccination did cause autism, which it fucking doesn’t”; “Jesus” paying cash at ACC’s health food store, “I wanted to go up and say, hey man, I love your work
0:11:12Producer Segment
0:13:12ACC’s upcoming appearance on TWiT
0:14:33ACC in San Jose for Interplast charity, USAID requiring government partnerships for work in Haiti; ABC: “we found almost nothing had changed”, spokeshole Cheryl Mills: “dollars are being well-spent”, vaccination programs; ACC: perfect excuse for regime change
0:22:29PBS promo “there are no advertisers to be satisfied” vs Vivian Schiller; JCD on stage show with comedians getting reaction shots from audience for postproduction, “dishonesty at its height!” (JCDPPotD); ACC attends Family Guy table read, steals 2011 “retard” script
0:31:49And Now Back to Real News: Lindsay Lohan outpatient program; Nova Scotia stores carding everyone; Australia alcohol abuse cost estimate $36bn/year; one in twelve drivers admit DUI, Labor Day checkpoint “blitz”; FDA seizing e-cigarettes; California tobacco-elimination goal
0:40:24Police legally attaching GPS devices to cars, ACC: “I’d strap this thing to a raccoon”; Sunday Times pushing child trackers that “can find a wandering child up to an amaazing one-quarter mile away”, ACC outraged at JCD’s children on leashes, “it’s not a choke chain!”, ACC: “did you carry a plastic bag to pick up their poop?”, children disappearing in Toys ‘R’ Us
0:47:56Bogus Japanese Blest plastic-to-oil machine, video with United Nations University logo
0:52:56The Walking Dead series coming to AMC; Minneapolis pays $165k to “zombies” arrested for “carrying equipment that simulated weapons of mass destruction”
0:55:55Donation Segment: Thom Hartmann pro-Obama propaganda; Koch Brothers
1:06:4427% drop in existing home sales, return of commercial real estate “jingle mail”, Tony Robbins “hunker down”; CNN “sovereign citizens” meme, Southern Policy Law Center’s Mark Potok on Terry Nichols and white supremacists, “murdering people”, “these are actually black groups now … that have adopted this ideology”, banks unable to prove ownership; KTVU on “vast inventory of repossessed homes”, JCD on banks not making loans; microloans within US
1:22:05Producer note on Colorado State University cops passing out local ordinance playing cards; tiered sexting jail sentences, JCD on John DeLorean’s cocaine entrapment, obvious “hey, we know what you’re up to” strategy, sex tourism pre-crime; nonlethal lasers for “fighty prisoners”
1:31:09No Agenda Swine Flu Minute: H1N1 to be baked into seasonal vaccine; bloodhounds trained to detect swine flu; Finnish vaccine narcolepsy scare
1:34:17Trains Good Planes Bad: reported nine-day traffic jam in China; Logan Airport replacing back-of-the-hand patdowns with real groping; ZBV Z Backscatter Van for detecting “illegal material or IEDs”; probation murder prediction software; Skype woes
1:45:24RuPaul’s Drag U ad; Kim Kardashian’s butt cheek corset; clueless Carly Fiorina protester
1:54:24Keith Olbermann guest WTC mosque ramblings; Russian numbers station “The Buzzer”
1:59:36German RFID-enabled ID cards and Dutch PIN card withdrawal limits to “protect” seniors
2:02:26X-37B spacecraft from Vandenberg still missing from radar tracking
2:03:39UK salty salads, CASH Consensus Action on Salt and Health, “salt may contain traces of salad”, ACC’s salted espresso and 108/60 BP