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228 Gassed in Boston (2010-08-22)

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0:00:00JCD: “This is bogus! He can find out who’s doing it, he’s got the CIA working for him!” ACC: “He’s the President!” (1:18:23)
0:00:39JCD’s Comcast down for several hours, spreadsheet delayed and,“don’t send blankets” banners
0:05:01ACC reviews Eat, Pray, Love: sorely-needed intermissions, “there are some books that just should never be made into a movie”, Rome munchies, brazen product placement
0:09:55El País article blaming 2008 Spanair 5022 crash on office malware, MSNBC on “type of trojan horse”, Trend Micro “expert” blames USB stick, Cyber Defense Agency hand-wringing, ACC: distraction from maintenance and human error; disabled Deepwater Horizon alarm parallel
0:18:00Trains Good Planes Bad: Chinese train breaks and goes over trestle, Siemens Smart Chopper
0:19:53Obama administration $2bn fund for bioterrorism and pandemic threats, $822M for flu vaccines; Boston subway terror attack simulation with release of “gases and fluorescent particles”, greenhouse gas sulfur hexafluoride, “flu-like symptoms” from perfluorocarbons; producer note on H1N1 vaccination required of Purdue University staff; Royal Pain pushing whooping cough vaccine; UK medical tourism superbug spread to Canada, 40k mass graves in Wales with “cooling, security, and dignified storage”, ACC: “just throw the slaves in some Hefty bags”
0:31:34Bedbug “feeding frenzy on the move” in movie theaters and classrooms, ACC: “I think the mattress industry is behind this”; egg recall as part of forcing small farmers out of business, scripted CDC podcast on reducing salmonella risk, ACC: “welcome, John, how, are, you, today?”, JCD on gamma radiation ultra-pasteurization reducing need for quality control, Wright County Egg in Galt Iowa, JCD’s Japanese egg package translation
0:43:41US circumcision rates declining, linked to reduced risk of HIV in Africa by CDC
0:45:07Producer/Donation Segment: Pedobear Alan Milburn; ACC on magic number 42
0:59:07Jennifer Aniston “retard” shitstorm,, ACC: “we are retards, we are more retarded, the Special Olympics people are brilliant compared to us!” (ACCPPotD)
1:02:24And Now Back to Real News: George Lopez on alcohol and Kourtney Kardashian breastfeeding “lovely visual”, ACC on Scott Disick’s bogus alcoholism; DOT motorcycle drunk driving PSAs; producer note on one-third of Colorado’s population with alcohol violations; Colorado police beat up man walking dog who offers to help motorist; mysterious origin of CNN IED videos; brainwashed Army soldiers in Iraq: “we came, we saw, we helped people”
1:11:18Fox News “Obama is not a Christian” meme, “24% believe, again incorrectly, that he is a Muslim”, Ramadan vs “we have our President stuffing his face full of ice cream”; weekly address on “flood of attack ads run by shadowy groups with harmless-sounding names” blaming Citizens United, “you don’t know if it’s BP”, Republicans “used their power to block the issue from even coming up for a vote”, JCD: “what power, they don’t have any power!”
1:21:22Warren Buffet’s $2.4bn investment in Johnson & Johnson medical division for Obamacare; GM document admitting its financial reporting is bogus
1:26:02New meme “prenup mania”; Geraldo Rivera wusses out of True Blood “gay vampires” debate
1:33:31WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange rape allegations walked back by mainstream media
1:35:49Wyclef Jean on mysterious disqualification from Haitian election, urging against youth rioting; Time on candidate Jude Célestin convicted of bank fraud
1:46:15White House calls for return of Lockerbie “bomber” to Scotland
1:52:03Breaking news: Wyclef Jean “I cannot surrender now” folk hero pitch