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227 Eat, Pray, Love. In The Morning (2010-08-19)

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0:00:00ACC: “Chicks are crazy about this movie!” JCD: “Don’t go see it then!” (1:58:29)
0:00:37Another zero-communication Sunday-Thursday interval
0:02:21Mel Gibson smashes up Maserati; show hosts all MIA except Thom Hartmann; Joy Behar show Ambien sleep-driving theory, ACC hits E! Network casting head with Chantix theory
0:05:33Producer Segment
0:09:19Australian Zombie March; college zombie emergency preparedness plan
0:11:03ACC on train running through Santa Barbara at all hours, JCD on engineers laying on horn as joke, no pride in dirty Burlington Northern hardware; BI “bee-eye” Gitmo jewelry company
0:14:15Al Jazeera on US sneaking out of Iraq, official: army “unfit, incompetent, and unprepared”, US mission “to counter what they call terrorism”, ten more years of training needed; “tactical” withdrawal at night with media embargo; ACC story: pee stop along eight-lane highway to Kuwait City; JCD on Mad Max Striker vehicle exterior cage: “I think that’s just for billboards”
0:28:44La LĂ­nea drug cartel employing hot female assassins
0:30:10BBC: Finland planning to “stub out” smoking, crazy-looking man on the street “I enjoy smoking my cigar”; Days of Our Lives: drinking “pretty much the same thing” as drugs; “ask your doctor or pharmacist about tequila” for shyness; Entourage tequila business
0:36:16ADHD misdiagnoses; KTVU on weak vaccines due to refrigeration issues, “free reimmunizations”; producer note on Purdue University flyers for free flu shots including H1N1
0:41:33Iowa 288M chicken egg recall with UK parallel
0:43:11Wyclef Jean “in hiding” due to death threats, YouTube video of performance in Belgium
0:44:45Japanese WWII soldiers “misled by the government” into midget submarine suicide missions
0:46:20MTV on celebrity plastic surgeon Frank Ryan “tweeting just before his car plunged off a cliff”
0:49:57Media Matters prompts advertisers to bail out on Dr. Laura Schlessinger’s show
0:54:41Donation Segment
1:01:49SCRAM gleeful incarceration stats, “monitoring them to ensure rehabilitation”; California student trackers, teacher “checkin’ papers, checkin’ papers”, “when we feed the children lunch we just have to push a button and it’s done”, roaming dots on map screen, bogus “complete payout for the system”, ACC: “someone’s gettin’ fired!”, “something akin to an inventory system”; BI Inc agriculture origin, hints of bracelet hackability
1:14:24Rachel Ray blog on FDA “inherently dangerous” raw milk; Royal Society on vat-grown meat
1:18:31Bill Clinton asserts “no excuse” for donors not coughing up money, old story of France rejecting repayment of $40bn independence debt; Colombian court rejects US access to military bases
1:26:00Ancient Aliens on medieval accounts of “cigar-shaped flying objects emitting noxious mists”; “persistent contrails” atmospheric geoengineering article; US suspected of using secret climate change weapon against Russia, JCD recommends Hummer beer, X37-B Vandenberg launch
1:31:23ACC’s somewhat over-the-top “outrageously expensive” Stonehouse meal
1:34:04Illegal to rent apartments to tourists in San Francisco, obligatory Amsterdam “rental pool” with price cap; Fidel Castro all-in on Daniel Estulin’s The Secrets of the Bilderberg Club
1:37:20Chemtrails at top of right-wing conspiracy list; ultra-rich money not in circulation, “I’d like to see Bill Gates buying and building a mountain!” (JCDPPotD); Verizon-Google monopoly
1:50:18Trains Good Planes Bad: CNN shill Katherine Dorsett all-in on high speed rail, Princess Bubble book; Southwest attendant saves baby from parents; JCD on “coolies” laying track
1:56:59ACC’s hedge fund manager friend quitting to surf; Louis Black on Eat, Pray, Love merchandise