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226 Your Ankle Bracelet Awaits (2010-08-15)

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0:00:00ACC: “Death by hooker.” JCD: “Well, at least they’re gettin’ creative.” (1:15:07)
0:00:38ACC at Billy Idol concert with Bobbi Eden, soon appearing on Daily Source Code
0:03:04Producer Segment: duplicating “Read Ayn Rand” Google Earth message
0:11:59Bill Gates’ father crusading for 5% Washington state income tax, JCD: “he should be rebuked!”
0:14:19“Hindenburg omen” predicting September market meltdown, “oh the humanity!” radio clip; Skype preparing to go public, Rupert Murdoch BSkyB lawsuit
0:19:24And Now Back to Real News: Dr. Laura Schlessinger “nigger nigger nigger” shitstorm; Tammy Bruce on leaving National Organization for Women over race politics, “rub salt into the wound” instruction; Schlessinger’s sponsor-prompted apology
0:30:39Greg Gutfeld to Glenn Beck on World Trade Center mosque: “let’s open an Islam-friendly gay bar next door to the mosque”, proposed “Suspicious Packages” name; former eco-terrorist pounced on for divulging incendiary device recipes, JCD on Dmitry Sklyarov DMCA case, ACC on resurrection of Fairness Doctrine, “conspiracy theorist” marginalization
0:41:31Gizmodo story “How Ankle Monitors Could Replace Prisons”, BI Incorporated Sobrietor “looks like a gun”, Drive-BI remote slave scanner, partners Microsoft and Sprint, National Association list, “Gitmo jewelry”; Texas man’s ninth DUI leads to life in prison, ACC: “it’s better to have the slave feeding himself!”; Jesse Ventura living in freedom-loving Mexico
0:49:36AP story on El Blog del Narco “operating from behind a thick curtain of computer security”, registered in Denver, perfect English translations; Gallup poll on Americans not believing mainstream news
0:56:18Donation Segment: The Rockford Files telephone ring; Earthquake Machine on stream
1:06:04David Icke on “cesspit-level” of society and pedophilia not approved for end-of-show
1:07:32NOTAM for 25-mile-radius no-fly zone near Dillingham Alaska two meters above sea level, Ted Stevens’ plane ELT Emergency Locator Transmitter, son-in-law’s crash in line between HAARP installation and Dillingham; producer note on Stevens vs Palin
1:14:31New two-to-the-head technique: former Deutsche Bank exec Colin Birch hanged by two escorts; JCD: Ted Stevens crash site photo “fishy”; ACC preemptive “I did not kill myself”
1:17:54Trains Good Planes Bad: Wall Street Journal video of editors chortling about “bag Nazi” Steven Slater, laundry list of airline complaints; young teens flying unaccompanied to Nashville on “babysitting” money, security hole “alarm bells” vs TSA reality
1:32:03Christopher Hitchens to Charlie Rose on dislike of Bill Clinton: “it’s visceral, if you like”, “he only cares about himself, I thought that was so obvious and so reptilian”, JCD on shoulder-rubbing behavior; Haiti earthquake not linked to existing fault line; Wyclef Jean’s former bandmate Pras to support Michel “Sweet Micky” Martelly, Jean Ritz Crackers TV spot
1:44:44Degree “Clinical” deodorant ad with droplet bloop sound effect; female infants growing breasts in China due to Synutra formula
1:47:49Letterman to Landon Donovan: “looks like it’s fun to run around on that huge green field”; Burn Notice “tell that to my squadmates who spent their tour shippin’ drugs to the States”
1:52:57Global health panel on declining support for African AIDS antiretrovirals, bogus numbers from CHAI Clinton Health Access Initiative, “nearly half of all the people living with HIV and on treatment in developing countries”, Bill Gates “unsustainable”
1:59:12Outro: shipping tobacco via USPS to overseas military addresses just fine