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224 Let Them Eat Hot Pockets (2010-08-08)

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0:00:00JCD: “I’ll be fighting back the zombies!” (1:13:10)
0:00:38JCD “raspberry pickin’ time” in Pacific Northwest; USS Columbus sub in the water
0:01:24JCD canola oil recap, NPR on GMO specimens growing wild, “anyone … would recognize this plant as canola”, JCD: “I’m beside myself with the fact that NPR would do this” (JCDPPotD)
0:06:42Producer Segment: Glenn Beck tip for spotting KGB agent
0:13:12Bonaire listeners using No Agenda memes
0:14:12Hot Pockets jingle, JCD on Mevio millennial Eddie’s Hot Pockets based on pasty and pierogi prototype, ACC on reindeer meat pasty, Continental Airlines turkey dog in croissant
0:19:25Sean Penn on Wyclef Jean’s corporate appeal, Wolf Blitzer stunned, Penn babbles appeal to media; video of Jean climbing out of Gulfstream IV N254GA, appropriation of $400k in relief funds; Fast Company’s Jenara Nerenberg all-in; Clinton Bush Haiti Fund up and running
0:32:49Mia Farrow next to testify about blood diamonds, Naomi Campbell “knock at my door”
0:36:20Producer voicemail from CDC for 20-minute childhood immunization survey at 1-866-999-3340
0:38:26Obama shuts down BP leak; oil cams and two wells at Lambert X-Y Coordinates; flammable Pennsylvania well water; Anderson Cooper’s GQ look; N254GA trips to Westchester County
0:50:06Christy Quail arrested for accepting stolen beer from Hartford Distributors shooter Omar Thornton; Columbine school shooting witness accounts of additional shooters
0:54:29House bill to ban interstate sale of alcohol; Fred Meyer kombucha evaluated for alcohol content
0:57:07HP CEO Mark Hurd resigns in disgrace over sexual harassment or expense account antics
0:59:49Pentagon spokesman Jeff Morell on WikiLeaks not requesting review of classified documents; Fox News on takedown demand, “we were already losing the war”, ACC delighted with term “expunge”, “we live off of leaks, give me more leaks!
1:05:27Donation Segment: JCD’s anniversary
1:13:22JCD recommends Zombieland film, ACC recommends Brave New World, producer note on Aldous Huxley’s brother Julian member of British Eugenics Society, letter to George Orwell predicting government “infant conditioning and narco-hypnosis” to keeps the slaves obedient
1:16:45Chicago heroin use rising, senior home dealers; NewsHour on Wisconsin mother whose son died of overdose: “I knew he had smoked pot”; JCD story: “ridiculously beautiful models” clients of high-end heroin dealer next door in Albany, JCD: “would you like a Hot Pocket?
1:25:30Bill O’Reilly accidentally gives away Democrat affiliation; Fox News on naked body scanners storing images: “wuh-oh!”, man on the street with King of the Hill Boomhauer clone, host’s patdown standup routine; ACC on LAX barking contest with fat “move along!” rent-a-cop
1:35:39Dutch lok-Jood “bait Jews”, news of radical Muslim honeypot leaked
1:36:45“High-speed” chase and beating of elderly British man stopped for not wearing seatbelt
1:39:07Proposals to supplement fluoride with ritalin; possible Obama Fannie Mae & Freddie bailout
1:42:39Trains Good Planes Bad: LAX Siemens rail ads, 1000 kph Chinese trains, federal stimulus rail surveys, Chunnel passengers left on train, “priced to market” propaganda, JCD’s trip to Sacramento Train Museum with JMD, Unstoppable trailer, 1970s Supertrain TV series
1:52:48UN climate fund taxes, Nebraska desertification, Volkswagen “poop Beetle”, Michelle Obamastaying at Marbella Ritz, Stanford professor on denialist ignorance; NASA climate vital signs widget, bluefin tuna fishing moratorium scrapped
1:59:48Coxsackie-Athens High School “I’m a slave” valedictorian speech; bagged milk in Russia and Canada; “slave to the government” end-of-show clip; Yogi Bear movie with Pedobear