Call Clooney!

223 Chillies in the Antilles (2010-08-05)

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0:00:00JCD: “I don’t like shooting myself, I’m sorry.” (0:13:15)
0:00:36ACC in Dutch Antilles; Geoff Smith Adam Curry, Former Soviet Spy jingle
0:04:23California Proposition 8 gay marriage ban unconstitutional, JCD prostitution comparison
0:09:47Producer Segment
0:17:49ACC three hours ahead; Dutch Antilles to become full-fledged county on 10/10/10, Hugo Chávez on lack of NATO membership, dollar official currency; beachless “diver’s paradise”
0:22:31Fracking makes it to Nightly Business Report: Senate energy bill requiring disclosure of chemicals used, Pennsylvania homeowners worried about industrial exposure, experimental horizontal wells; JCD network news pharmaceutical ad compilation, elderly target audience
0:31:2650k “non-combat forces” to remain in Iraq, dog barking ambience, no functioning government five months after election; 60 Minutes with former CIA Hank Crumpton claiming pre-9/11 warning about threat to “homeland” from Afghanistan, Afghan spook Amrullah Saleh: “first a massacre campaign will start”, Taliban and al-Qaeda in Pakistan, Crumpton all-in on insurgency operation within Pakistan; Saint Louis heroin use at all-time high
0:42:16August anniversaries of Hiroshima and both World Wars; analyst Harry Dent predicting next depression; Brian Williams on Afghan orphan girls visiting US, plug for legalizing adoption; Geert Wilders to be excluded from Dutch government to preserve Christian Democrat positions
0:53:14USPS training workers to deliver medical supplies in case of terrorist attack
0:54:25And Now Back to Real News: Extra tease with various names unknown to JCD
0:56:49Naomi Campbell admits receiving Charles Taylor “dirty rocks” to International Criminal Court, Nelson Mandela’s metaphorical “get out of jail free” card
0:59:14Donation Segment: modern knighting ceremony theme
1:12:52Australian “alien hunter” Ragbir Bhathal visible light signal; “solar tsunami” on horizon
1:15:11DUI interlock devices to be used in Canada and Netherlands; British retailers selling “milk in a bag”, ACC: “they use 75% less packaging and give you 175% more hassle”
1:17:52Democrat Terryl Clark “take on the special interests and take back our country” at Netroots Nation Conference, JCD: “who are they gonna take back the country from?”, “AFL-CIO hack” Linda Chavez-Thompson “buenas noches … can’t hear you, buenas noches!”
1:24:45Scripted explanation of Breitbart and Shirley Sherrod incident by Rachel Maddow and David Letterman, JCD: “and do they mention that Obama’s administration ran with the story?”
1:30:00U.S. Marshals Service admits to saving thousands of naked body scanner images from Florida courthouse entrance; Fox Business Tom Sullivan Show military blowhard all-in on DHS duplication of effort in war on terror, classified information on “that Weeky-leak”
1:34:00Geraldo Rivera flub: “as Latinos, as African-Americans kind of go up the social and economic ladder and make it, do they become they become as white …?”
1:35:23Hope for Mel Gibson in report of 15 Chantix suicides in Australia since 2008
1:36:47Belated reaction to Wyclef Jean Haitian candidacy announcement
1:38:08Daily Mail: Churchill & Eisenhower covered up RAF UFO sighting; ADL swastika “sidegrade”
1:40:48EPA considering regulation on farming dust
1:41:27Speculation about Chelsea Clinton’s married life, JCD: “so she’s gonna run for president”
1:44:06Trains Good Planes Bad: seven puppies die on American Airlines flight
1:45:13Producer note on naltrexone blocking opioid receptor to “make alcoholics … miserable”