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222 Earle in the Gulf (2010-07-31)

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0:00:00ACC: “Just in time for summer, don’t you wanna feel really good about your complexion, all you have to do is listen to the No Agenda Show! …” (1:39:50)
0:00:52JCD befuddled by chatroom “human resources”; ACC streams Computer America appearance, caller “I woke up in the morning” creating Knight rings, constant “hard clock” interruptions
0:07:52Producer Segment makeover, <blink>, single-page conspiracy sites; NSA redirect
0:18:11PACT Prevent All Cigarette Trafficking law to outlaw sending tobacco by mail; White House seeking warrantless FBI internet snooping; JMD sick of Thom Hartmann propaganda; Democracy Now “dimwits”: NYC “youth activist” shills protesting Arizona “anti-immigration” law; ACC on Micky’s $1300 expedited service from DHS, protests continuing in spite of legal victory
0:33:00Michael Eric Dyson to Face the Nation on “African witch doctor” Obama birth certificate: “it’s been proved that he is from earth”; Dutch documents and US passports rejected for alcohol purchases by vendor policies, JCD California driving test tips for ACC
0:40:17Anthony Weiner blows up in Congress over 9/11 first responder bill: “the gentleman will observe regular order!”, Thom Hartmann: “kickin’ Peter King’s butt!”; “debunks” W-2 healthcare not “considered” taxable income; roster of Obama tax increases
0:53:59And Now Back to Real News: Michelle Obama hanging out with gangsters in Marbella Spain; impending no-fly zone along Hudson River for suspected vegan Chelsea Clinton’s wedding
0:57:33Hungarian PM Victor Orban tells IMF what it can do with 15% of GDP bailout package, JCD prediction: “hunting accident”, The Economist on Orban’s “cynical populism”
1:02:27BP ad with cleanup worker pronouncing “oil” orl; $20bn escrow payments via letters of credit; Congress ends drilling moratorium just in time for BP alone to rake it in
1:07:55Donation Segment: age 40 declared “old” for TV purposes; Order of the Mint coins
1:23:52Niaspan “immediate-release niacin” aka vitamin B3; “wonder drug” naltrexone for Pittsburgh marijuana sentences, ACC formula “I just stopped”, prediction: Lindsay Lohan on naltrexone
1:33:58British Columbia suspends testing of sex offenders by showing images of nude children, JCD on similar Colorado program in Kobe Bryant case; paper links Chantix to violence and aggression
1:37:56Enthusiastic Proactiv voiceover, ACC’s attempted emulation, girls pronouncing “feel” fill
1:41:51Trains Good Planes Bad: Southwest Airlines contract of carriage “act of God” definition amended to include mechanical difficulties; Michelle Obama’s communications director Camille Johnston leaves for Siemens; House Resolution honors freight railroad industry; Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood to award Milwaukee $2.5bn for high speed rail
1:47:21Five-person procedure for regenerating DNSSEC root key; JCD visit to MAE-East in Virginia; shortage of important emergency room drugs like epinephrine, JCD: “Obamacare”
1:54:27Democracy Now on cluster bomb ban signed by no countries of particular importance
1:55:58Kevin Rudd in hospital for gall bladder surgery; myki RFID card used as tracking device in murder case, transportation secretary: “I wouldn’t be overly concerned about Big Brother”
1:59:48C-SPAN “not available” videos; EPA’s Lisa Jackson all-in on climate change “body of science”; Thom Hartmann non-sequitur blames floods & fires on lack of campaign finance reform
2:03:38Rolling Stone “puff piece” on Wyclef Jean, If I Was President song “assassinated on Saturday”
2:05:58Mother Jones tests Better Business Bureau’s A+ rating for Goldline by registering Hamas
2:10:03Hot Russian spy Anna Fermanova busted for sending night vision scopes to Russia
2:11:39Canada establishing “voluntary salt targets”; cloned milk already on shelves in EU