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221 Marceaux for Governor (2010-07-29)

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0:00:00JCD: “These guys are just talking out of their ass.” (2:14:23)
0:00:40Producer takes exception to “human resources”, JCD: “Soylent Green”; one-frame Tyler Durden appearances in Fight Club, The Manchurian Candidate and Kennedy assassination
0:04:37Producer Segment: ACC on challenge coin “coin checks”; Basil Marceaux “in the morning”
0:14:29No mention of poppies in WikiLeaks Afghanistan archive; Nancy Skinner “George Bush’s war” meme, agrees with “conservative” Laura Ingraham that leaker should be prosecuted, JCD: “strap on your dildo and go do it!”, “who is gonna sign the surrender papers?”; internet access and phone ownership then vs now, life expectancy down three years; New York Times’ Mark Mazzetti on vetting advance copy of WikiLeaks material with White House censors, Pakistan’s ISI working with Taliban; next distraction Obama’s The View appearance
0:27:16BBC on Stephen Fry’s bipolar disorder, next edition of DSM potentially diagnosing entire population as mentally ill; Lisbon Treaty mental illness carve-out; 20% of Californians at risk
0:33:13New “guess the advertiser” game from JCD: “I can lead the army that will follow” Verizon ad
0:37:06“Obama of Haiti” Wyclef Jean to run for election; Hillary Clinton’s technology guru Alec Ross on “fantastic women who work in the innovation space at the State Department” creating $10 text message scheme, JCD: “classic Silicon Valley douchebag”, viral on “Twittersphere … and social media spaces”, “21st century statecraft” fighting Mexican cartel “disaster”, “let’s get some people from Silicon Valley!”, ACC: “this is where I’m peeing my pants!”, anonymous crime reporting program, “take for granted I’m telling the truth”; producer note on Vivek Kundra’s “Indian cabal”; spook operation Recorded Future spying on social networks
0:52:00JCD on local news buzzphrase “tax cuts for the rich”; employer healthcare costs to be treated as income; Fox Business “exclusive” on Dodd-Frank protecting SEC from FOIA requests
1:00:13Binge drinking in the news, MADD downgraded to D rating as charity
1:01:29Donation Segment: ACC’s Global Geek News gig; Brave New World; NPR sales job opening
1:10:43BP taxes down and revenue up, undisclosed PR spending; wasted-sounding Congressional committee chair, BP engineer on “blue screen of death”, awaiting upgrade from Windows NT; SEC investigating dodgy BP stock speculation; CIA-linked Evergreen Air spraying Corexit
1:19:40And Now Back to Real News: Mel Gibson on nicotine patch, reports of Chantix violence; Jennifer Love Hewitt and Joy Behar giggle over massage “happy endings” and oral sex; Bill Clinton’s oral sex redefinition; Augusta State College student’s gay equity lawsuit
1:32:59Two-to-the-head: Los Angeles Dr. Marc “Walking Man” Abrams found dead in closed hot tub; producer note on aspartame addictiveness; California guns-drawn raw milk raids; “proven nonaddictive drug therapy” naltrexone injection for binge drinking due to economy, “very quickly goes to heroin”, JCD: “next miracle drug”; USA Today: “global warming undeniable”
1:46:09New Jersey schools dropping D grade; police tasing unruly high school students; producer note on being rent-a-cop at clinic: “sometimes, someone just needs to get tased”
1:49:51Honor system tea shop experiment: Los Angeles 75% honest; Walmart RFID tags; Barbie video doll with hidden camera; Charlie Rangel introduces compulsory service bill yet again
1:56:58Rainwater collection illegal in several jurisdictions, ACC’s $200 water bill
2:03:00Kyra Phillips and John Roberts on internet “dark side”, CNN to the rescue for Shirley Sherrod, Andrew Keene’s position that “blogs, MySpace, YouTube, and other user-generated media are killing the American economy, the culture, and our values”, “gatekeeper” meme, internet “giant worldwide bathroom wall”, “thorny issues” meme