Call Clooney!

21 Sooty Emissions (2008-03-15)

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0:00:28“Good weather for ducks” in UK; JCD’s computer dead, looking for Vista discs
0:02:42ACC on ubiquitous unlocked iPhones in Netherlands; lousy dollar vs euro
0:07:22JCD stumbles upon Dish Network channel 9645 LF1 interactive Shell short film Clearing the Air about reducing “sooty emissions” via GTL gas to liquid, “synthetic alternative to diesel”, trial in Delft, microscopic disclaimers
0:16:14Corny Skype landing page photo
0:17:3920% of Silicon Valley has money frozen in auction rate securities market; Bear Stearns in big trouble, printing money and value dilution as tax, bonuses for CEOs, ACC on bankers as the strip club type, The Smartest Guys in the Room, JCD spotted Enron scam early on
0:25:08Eliot Spitzer prostitution scandal, revenge setup by bankers theory
0:32:00Public broadcasting funding breakdown, JCD on stupid local radio station managers and program directors; 15-20k listenership estimate, celebrity telethon idea, JCD proposes Clooney, JCD blackballed over Steve Jobs: Good Riddance article, Microsoft memo forbidding disclosure to JCD, “spend the night with Bill” events for insiders, ACC’s occasional Steve Jobs e-mails
0:50:03Sarah Lacy’s disastrous SXSWi Mark Zuckerberg interview; ACC on Portable Media Expo; Monsanto harassment suit against journalists
0:57:44UK non-domiciled tax on repatriation of foreign capital gains, “admission fee at the door”, tech companies leaving for Switzerland; ACC predicts $200 per gallon gas, gold’s jump to over $1k, industrial uses of gold and diamond, JCD on Melinda Gates’ engagement ring with stone “the size of a small golf ball”, identifying Silicon Valley types by Rolex and clothing, JCD on wearing yellow striped shirt to irk Harry Fuller