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219 Train Crashes into Plane (2010-07-21)

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0:00:00ACC: “Tell me a little bit about how the sexuality is in your DNA, ‘cause I’m Charlie Rose and I want you to come over here, uhhh…” (1:34:45)
0:00:49Ft. Knox military base “home of the human resource center of excellence” inscription
0:02:29Producer Segment: ACC’s sister Tiffany getting married; No Agenda challenge coins
0:12:26Nothing to See Here: Shirley Sherrod fired by USDA over out-of-context reverse-racist comments to NAACP, feigned right-wing media outrage over administration’s overreaction
0:15:38Washington Post study showing one spook in ninety US adults, CIA merging with private sector, Google wardriving for NSA, AT&T ECHELON, Facebook and In-Q-Tel, MKULTRA Zuckerberg; producer note on Honeywell’s business with drones, high-speed rail, and Iranian energy; Washington Post’s Dana Priest interview by Margaret Warner for end of show
0:25:10Healthcare bill 1099 “all goods and services” scandal revisited, gold investors up in arms
0:27:10Dodd-Frank signed into law, Ben Bernanke “let’s spend” push, JCD: “he owns us”, mandate for more women and minorities; Ron Paul examines 22% unemployment, blowing up $1M missile to increase GDP; Hillary Clinton’s new George Washington hairdo for 2012; left-wing journalist chatroom 2008 election transcripts released; Big Bang Theory end-of-show vanity card: “within minutes I become an atheist” due to watching Fox News
0:42:47Two-to-the-head: Greek journalist Sokratis Giolias, Tennessee election official James R. Brown dead in trunk of burning car, IPCC climatologist Stephen Schneider “apparent heart attack”, JCD: “martyr to the cause”, ACC: “just makes you not want to work for the government”
0:46:49Producer note on retired JAG officer predicting next terrorist attack via C-4 in Somali woman’s breast implants on Delta flight; Robert Shapiro on Obama bolstering approval rating via 9/11 or Oklahoma City event; prediction: Obama bails out in favor of Hillary after Bernanke pulls the plug on economy; NPR Weekend Edition on “Obama’s very good week”
0:58:04Donation Segment
1:11:33Producer feedback on insurance paying for Weather Modification Inc activities; KC-10 “fuel dump” video; snow in South America and 2010 “hottest on record” assertions
1:15:56Hedge fund mogul Jeffrey Epstein released after serving short Pedobear sentence; Family Guy pro-marijuana episode, Reefer Madness remastered, Wall Street Journal article on Southern California weed production; producer note on friend guarding poppy field and burning it for CNN crew; 9k tons of raw opium per harvest, irrigation canals dug by US in 1950s; useless 60 Minutes report on Taliban threats nailed to mosque and secret anti-IED technology
1:32:46Charlie Rose drools over “this generation’s Sophia Loren” Penélope Cruz: “tell me about the sexuality, it’s in your DNA”
1:35:07Photoshopped BP crisis command center and underwater well-capping video
1:40:12German government pushing De-Mail electronic document system; Australia looking to collect $100M in fines with traffic spy cameras, “shocking and unlawful” Taser hazing rituals among police; Gordon Brown on challenge of creating “New World Order” in Iraq; The Economist on return to power of Surinam’s Dési Bouterse convicted of executing 15 political opponents
1:46:29More arrests and bogus wiretapping charges in US for filming police; next-generation radiation-less naked body scanners; producer confirms existence of Taser shotgun, JCD: “my eye!
1:49:005.1 earthquake in Southern Iran; producer note on science of magnitude quantification
1:50:52Trains Good Planes Bad: JCD proposes scoring tote board for plane vs train headline rundown
1:53:32Allstate ad caricatures lawsuit-happy rich people; Dana Priest end-of-show