Call Clooney!

218 Former Soviet Spy (2010-07-18)

Show 218 album art
0:00:00JCD: “This was pathetic!”
0:00:35ACC-JCD lines of communication since last show suspended again
0:01:18ACC demos i-Dosing track “poppies”, “only one dollar less than an actual dose of heroin”
0:09:11Producer Segment: “we got nothin’”
0:10:33Minor earthquake machine jolt near D.C. in time for Obama’s BP well-capping and Dodd-Frank announcement; Mel Gibson defenders on the rise
0:14:07Oakland crime drop in spite of police force reduction; JCD on San Francisco electronic parking kiosks with unreadable or vandalized LCD screens; “zone enforcement” credited with crime reduction, ACC on Hilltop Watchtower: “I’ll be boiling oil and dropping it on them”
0:19:35Cocoa price soars as trader grabs Europe’s entire $1bn supply; spike in Goldman Sachs put and call options ahead of SEC suit and settlement; JCD on absurdity of Obama signing Dodd-Frank bill with 20 pens, three new additions to Federal Reserve governors including Janet Yellen, everyone all-in on inflation; last-minute Dodd-Frank derivatives changes for 2022
0:34:53JCD on Sarbanes-Oxley protecting accountants; Cocaine Cowboys and Mexican drug money laundering including $378bn by Wachovia; ACC story: Doc McGhee’s anti-drug concerts for smuggling marijuana with “hammered” Ozzy Osbourne wetting himself in charter jet aisle
0:42:17“Former Soviet spy” Elizabeth Bentley’s 1953 Meet the Press appearance, ubiquitous spies within OSS and FBI; Weekly Standard on contractors in spy agencies; Angelina Jolie’s Salt
0:51:03Lee Bollinger proposes to “fix the news” with public-private partnership, ACC: “Media Czar”
0:53:11Donald Rumsfeld aspartame manufacturer CEO, premature birth and testosterone reduction
0:56:02MSNBC Lockup “wake-up call” segue to Lipitor ad
0:58:14Donation Segment
1:03:08Calgary storm with “hail-size golf balls” and Weather Modification Inc cloud seeding with silver iodide, Clean Water Act “toxic pollutant” and side effect roster
1:06:49Lipitor “my dad learned the hard way” ad hijacking “wake-up call” meme; applause for Racing While Black author’s “phony African-American team owners … and all this diversity crap”
1:14:27Message to JCD from Belgian Freedelity ID card CEO; EU member states breaking data retention laws, JCD: “maybe the population’ll rise up and burn down the computer centers”
1:17:54New PM Naoto Kan’s Okinawa deal with Obama, NHTSA Toyota acceleration “driver error”
1:21:17New York Magazine Bernie Madoff story with “photo illustrations” of fake Bernie
1:23:17Bret Michaels reveals rigged Celebrity Apprentice to Joy Behar: “if I won … er, not win … if I knew that I was going to be in the final two”, American Idol pitch “I would love to do it”
1:34:38Los Angeles King/Drew Medical Center study finds amnesia in 92% of Taser victims; ACLU uninterested in Maryland wiretapping arrest; G20 riot cop “Officer Bubbles”: “if you touch me with that bubble you’re going into custody”; producer note on money-stealing Florida cops
1:42:33DARPA researching methods of “harvesting” energy from the human body to power devices, ACC: “your SCRAM bracelet, I guess”; Snopes asserts Al Gore never claimed to have invented the internet in spite of quoting “I took the initiative in creating the Internet” (JCDPPotD)
1:46:22The Fix author Declan Hill on German authorities investigating up to 270 matches, 70% of East Asian games rigged; Netherlands courting FIFA for 2018 by waiving VAT
1:52:10Trains Good Planes Bad: new TSA chief John Pistole threatens to protect mass transit riders, “easy target” for terrorists; France to cease work on new roads, “no longer up to date”; Coalition Against Bigger Trucks, JCD on double and triple semi trucks