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217 The Digital Drug Menace (2010-07-15)

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0:00:00JCD: “You’re right, it’ll be point of discussion all over the place by a bunch of morons.”
0:00:38No communication between ACC and JCD since last show; visiting CVC’s luggage lost by KLM, “they know what bin number it was in”, 29 kilos of shoes
0:02:51Spain’s predicted World Cup win, foul cards flying left and right, Dutch delighted at finishing second, post-Katrina Saints’ win “feel-good story”, Paul the psychic octopus calls it a day
0:08:46Producer Segment
0:13:21And Now Back to Real News: Mel Gibson “you make me wanna smoke” phone call with Oksana Grigorieva, ACC: “the guy’s on Chantix … no wonder he’s freakin’ out!”
0:20:15I-Dosing “digital drugs”, parent: “just scary, definitely scary”, “i-Dosing could very well indicate a willingness to experiment with drugs”, ACC on backmasking; producer note on surge in detox center heroin users, long-term replacement Suboxone requiring special licensing to prescribe, web site “why choose Suboxone?”, owner Reckitt Benckiser, “Jessica” promo video
0:31:19Nevada National Guard Agribusiness Development Team headed to Afghanistan; chatroom tweeting Chantix warnings; Dick Morris working website URL into O’Reilly’s show multiple times, predicting Hillary Clinton for president in 2012; Arianna Huffington bashing Obama
0:35:00Washington Democrat Maria Cantwell on negative impact of EPA regulation; solar panel manufacturer Solyndra Inc $535M in federal stimulus loans, IPO cancelled over unsustainable business model; JCD on Intersolar trade show “used car dealers” with government money, boring semiconductor show next door, lone small wind turbine company
0:43:16Debate to end on Dodd-Frank reform bill, Federal Reserve shuffling trillions around
0:45:15Belgian national identity eID merged with Freedelity loyalty card, JCD “they keep buying Hot Pockets” scenario and insurance rates, no “sensible or confidential data”, ACC: “tell me this is a spoof!”
0:51:55Haiti Earthquake sixth-month anniversary, US poised to mess with November elections, Bill Clinton still sending “tents and flashlights”, unlike Hugo Chávez;
0:54:59Donation Segment: domain sold; $33.33 Mothership Boarding Pass
1:07:52Uganda bomb attack on heels of Bill Clinton visit, hotbed of CIA activity; CNN douchebag Rick Sánchez: “if it helps get the message out there — that these are not the good guys — then so be it”; life skills rehabilitation for Gitmo prisoners; NYC Rewards for Justice matchbooks
1:14:51Nothing to See Here: BP blamed for Lockerbie bomber release, CBS on four unnamed senators complaining; producer “driller Doug” predicting under-sea-floor leak in cap; former Shell CEO to Chris Matthews: casing failure “like having a volcano on the bottom of the sea”; three-valve containment cap being installed; Corexit and mysterious crop damage in Tennessee
1:32:52Chris Matthews interstitial tease linking National League wins with Republican midterm gains
1:34:47NHTSA concludes Toyota sudden acceleration “user error”; IPCC Fifth Assessment Synthesis Report note from Rajendra Pachauri: “keep a distance from the media”
1:41:57Healthcare bill requiring hundreds of additional 1099 forms from small businesses, JCD: “this is reminding me of Soviet Russia”, illegal rubles story; Dodd-Frank bill requiring “conflict-free” certification of manufacturers; swine flu on radio in 1994 The Stand film
1:50:13Two-to-the-head: mayor and daughter shot in Coppell Texas on “humungous” gas bubble
1:53:42Minnesota arrests for missing debt payments; Back to the Future trip July 6; John Hutchison selling his anti-gravity lab on eBay; UK scientists prove chicken — not egg — came first
2:00:42Bifocal contact lenses and eye exercises finally vindicated as myopia cures (JCDPPotD)