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216 Doomsday is Tomorrow (2010-07-11)

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0:00:00JCD: “There’s wood in there, you’re eating wood! (guffaw)” (1:27:45)
0:00:37July fog in Northern California, “June gloom”, JCD on 1972 loss of marine layer
0:02:51Dutch arguing over World Cup celebration rights; ACC and psychic octopus predict Spain win, JCD on cephalopod sensitivity to electricity; German goalkeeper Robert Enke “suicide”
0:11:31Producer Segment
0:16:49Terrence Aym “methane mega-bubble” doomsday scenario for BP oil spill, “Operation Deep Sleep”, Illuminati on Easter Island for solar eclipse, HAARP double earthquake, “massive effervescence”, JCD: “Doomsday is tomorrow”, disabling chemtrails and FEMA coffins, ACC: “it was nice working with you”; Belgians all-in on dissolving cemetery residents
0:26:11Nigel Farage on government-less Belgium holding EU Presidency, to acting PM Yves Leterme: “you admitted you didn’t even know your own national anthem”, JCD: EU a fractal of Belgium
0:31:19West Wing Week hokeyness index lowered, Obama on “don’t worry you’re fucked tour”, “arrogant prick” Rahm Emanuel to Jim Lehrer on Obama’s role in Russian spy swap: “for the purpose here, the President was fully informed of what was going on along the way”, “coming back to the United States” flub, “a cautionary note, the less said the better” with inappropriate smile, Lehrer “whatever you say”, do-nothing Obama “briefed” on Holder’s lawsuit against Arizona, “I feel like I’m dealing with my children on their homework” insult
0:46:59New York Times’ Deborah Sontag devotes five pages to blaming Haiti for Bill not coughing up aid money; Canadian Col. Bernard Ouellette relieved of duty for “inappropriate relationship”
0:54:10Motorcyclist magazine for griping about advertisers; shameless Keith Olbermann interstitial
0:59:23Donation Segment
1:06:26China’s Xiaoshan Airport shut down due to UFO sighting, ACC: “the Greys are amongst us”
1:08:34Pennsylvania wine vending machine with built-in breathalyzer, San Diego skate park fingerprint reader; Lindsay Lohan’s SCRAM bracelet in popular culture; ACC grinding sea salt in espresso, “it’s still legal”; Austin Texas introducing sobriety checkpoints thanks to MADD; German millennials “the fun generation”; Drew Carey all-in on Australian run by Forsyth Group accounting firm; Australian internet censorship dead in the water
1:19:14Producer note on being stalked by Marie Callender frozen dinner recall warnings; Michigan approves use of credit scores for insurance premiums, ACC’s inability to get credit card
1:25:02Orthorexics Anonymous: “real ingredients” at Wendy’s; wood pulp by-products in fast food
1:28:16Sharron Angle running against Harry Reid, left-wing hysteria over BP “slush fund” comment, playing “girl card”; New Orleans activist rails against BP dispersant use, “ooh, I’m excited!”
1:46:01Scientists studying Ozzie Osbourne’s DNA to determine why he’s not dead; PBS on James Mattis taking over for Petraeus in spite of “it’s fun to shoot some people” comment, Rolling Stone name-drop; second-degree manslaughter charge in Oakland BART police shooting
1:51:54Nothing to See Here: LeBron James’ move to Miami, game rigging by point shaving; vampire-obsessed teens biting each other; Mel Gibson’s rant at “mother of his child”, Conspiracy Theory and 1996 Playboy interview; Naomi Campbell to testify on Charles Taylor blood diamond
1:59:12IMF urging cuts and tax increases on US; New Jersey privatization; CIA In-Q-Tel behind cell phone chemical detector research; “shady” Facebook face recognition for photo tagging
2:02:03JCD recommends Without Conscience: the Disturbing World of the Psychopaths Among Us
2:02:57Dismal acting in The Hills Have Thighs; Time train shill Michael Grunwald; PBS Murder on the Orient Express remake; Zbigniew Brzezinski end-of-show “politically awake” speech