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215 Drunk in America (2010-07-08)

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0:00:00ACC: “Yay, I’m not bleeding, I’m happy!” (1:09:25)
0:00:39The FIFA “fix is in” with ACC calling victory for Spain over Germany, Dutch national anthem mentioning Netherlands, Germany, and Spain; raucous celebration in Barcelona, “Spain … in economic crisis at the moment, this is the kind of good news that this country needs”, ACC: Dutch “always choke”, German psychic octopus nails it; producer note on bogus coin toss
0:07:47ACC’s interview with “official porn princess of No Agenda” Bobbi Eden on stream
0:09:13Producer Segment
0:13:30ACC watching tail end of World Cup game at Beverley Center mall; Dutch government still in shambles because of need to keep pedophiles in charge of Justice Department; photos of Dutroux Pedobear victims found among Belgian archbishop’s personal effects
0:18:36Queen Elizabeth II addresses UN General Assembly for first time in 57 years, useless RealPlayer video; Ban Ki-moon to BBC: “not much” of promised $10bn has reached Haiti, “I’m going to discuss this matter with the President Clinton how we can expedite and accelerate the delivery of this money”; IMF dollar-SDR conversion table, producers’ injury compensation examples; JCD on Hermitage Museum “spoils of war”; EU 180° on GMOs
0:32:42Lindsay Lohan headed to jail; Florida woman denied alcohol and OTC drugs in own home after DUI, arrests for public drunkenness outside bars, interlock “blow and hum”; San Diego revelers relocate from beach to Kate Sessions Park; Last Call: The Rise and Fall of Prohibition author Daniel Okrent on role of KKK and communists, massive 1830 consumption numbers
0:45:22Globe Magazine front page: Obama born outside US according to Hawaiian election clerk, “third Obama” on front cover; USA Today clears CRU Climategate scientists of all wrongdoing; Salon “What General McChrystal May Have Planned All Along”; Adam Savage walks back Mythbusters RFID comment
0:52:14Donation Segment: JCD on “cars and airplanes” infrastructure (JCDPPotD)
1:05:21Chelsea Clinton to wed Goldman Sachs banker Marc Mezvinsky; father Edward Mezvinsky UN human rights stint, felony fraud conviction, bipolar disorder defense; Mirena IUD ad: “may … go through the uterine wall and cause other problems”, ACC on period-stopping birth control pill; “biggest wimp in the world” preventative aspirin ad
1:12:531970s oil drilling board game BP Offshore Oil Strike as Deepwater Horizon omen, Electronic Arts Moonbase Alpha; NASA’s Muslim outreach mission
1:17:28Trains Good Planes Bad: PBS NewsHour on record high temperatures warping railroad tracks; California High Speed Rail website train animation with “fly California” logo; Hill+Knowlton “inexperienced” air traffic controllers meme; JCD on 24-hour train trip to Seattle
1:27:56BP potentially hiring Tony Blair as replacement CEO, “Eficiency Czar” Lord Browne; BP now dumping sand on coastal tar balls; former Kansas trooper on potential evacuation, FEMA in place, Marines in Costa Rica; Coastal Warriors Facebook page on shipboard refrigeration for daily vaccine; roving video feed coordinate discrepancies; BP cleanup expenses as tax write-off
1:40:5412-month Taser pilot with Australian police, “litany of misuses and abuses” in previous round; EU public conversation monitor Sigard, “up to six crimes a night” detected in London; JCD on “sketchy” NSA Perfect Citizen operation; DHS “Cell-All initiative” for toxic chemical detectors in phones; Schiphol Airport producer on huge storage system for naked body scanner images
1:50:38National Guard car scanning technology for Schenectady police looking for “drugs and weapons”
1:55:09“FUCM” gene edit turns female mice lesbian; Wolf Blitzer Celebrity Jeopardy fail compilation