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213 Post Traumatic Sex (2010-07-01)

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0:00:00JCD: “We are orthorexics.” ACC: “Orthorexics, and proud of it.” (0:18:21)
0:00:40“Do you have July 4 in Canada?”; JCD on seven hours as optimal sleep period, ACC’s tooth whitening “zoom” procedure with hydrogen peroxide, Vicodin prescription
0:04:15Producer Segment: PR Associate snags Google meme domain
0:08:08And Now Back to Real News: Extra teaser ignores Al Gore begging masseuse to “release his second chakra”, JCD: “he sounds like a masher”, next up: two-to-the-head or pedophilia, Kleiner Perkins entourage with two Secret Service guys and sheriff detail
0:13:02Sen. Tom Coburn on hypothetical “three vegetables and three fruits” law at Elena Kagan confirmation hearing, reference to mysterious “equally dumb” law, Commerce Clause expansion
0:16:49Orthorexia nervosa “righteous eating” on the rise; EU forbids selling eggs by the dozen
0:20:37House passes “Federal Reserve Empowerment Act”, Barney Frank “I want a vote!”, Pelosi takes credit; Obama Wisconsin town hall lie-fest, blames Republicans for Clinton turning surplus into deficit, bogus railroad example, counseling for troops suffering “a shock on the system”, takes credit for addressing PTSD, “there needs to be that rest in between deployments”, JCD: “take a week, do some shopping”; douchebag California Rep. Pete Stark’s 37-year stint
0:35:20Rod Blagojevich trial reveals Obama phone call on Senate seat for Valerie Jarrett, Robert Gibbs stammers “I’m not gonna get into commenting on, obviously, an ongoing trial”; Gibbs all-in on carbon tax; new Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement head Michael Bromwich “eight days” and “I don’t know” compilation
0:45:28Maria Cantwell’s CLEAR Carbon Limits and Energy for America’s Renewal Act video on “carbon shares” auction, dividends supposedly covering energy cost increases, JCD on hidden car rental taxes and fees, “they can’t even fix the potholes out here!” (JCDPPotD)
0:51:46Russian spy ring busted by FBI during Bill Clinton’s meeting with Putin, registered vs unregistered spies, Wired and CNN cloak-and-dagger bullcrap; gummy-mouthed Clinton has all the solutions for BP spill, “blow up the well”, Obama’s “bum rap on this emotin’ deal”
1:03:19Donation Segment
1:09:10Left-wing PR firm Fenton Communications hired by Qatar to smear Israel, Institute for Policy Studies’ Phyllis Bennis and Cindy Sheehan; producer note repeating Fenton talking points
1:19:12Trains Good Planes Bad: luggage bin maggots, CBS package on FDA report’s “filthy findings”; Chris Matthews on dismal consumer confidence, “we need to build rapid rail to catch up to those allies from World War II”, “President Obama: just do it!”; PBS Nova airline calamity month; Russia buying twenty French high-speed electric locomotives
1:30:35McChrystal resignation: Rolling Stone “Lara Logan, You Suck” article; Logan on Hastings’ “illusion of trust”; Logan clueless about McChrystal’s face-saving, Pentagon’s 30k-strong PR department; Petraeus’ bogus Combat Valor medal, JCD: “generalissimo in a banana republic”
1:38:18Elena Kagan and Second Amendment, Petraeus shot by fellow soldier
1:40:59Black ministers up in arms over California NAACP endorsing marijuana legalization, “why don’t we legalize crack cocaine?”; producer notes on replacing Chantix with sugar cube placebo, pre-crime DUI for owning car keys, routine arrests for being “deadbeat dad” with cancer, county revenue from keeping jail filled, pushing vaccines and Adavan
1:50:12Swine flu vaccines being “repackaged” as or with seasonal flu, $1.5bn wasted by “Miss Swan”
1:51:24Carl Levin “General Obama”; DHS busts film piracy websites, San Diego bust for “million-dollar” designer goods cache; vaccine for lesbians congenital adrenal hyperplasia