Call Clooney!

211 The Botox Bot (2010-06-24)

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0:00:00JCD: “Well, I think Apple and the Bilderbergers are the same operation.” (1:41:57)
0:00:38Producers perplexed by JCD’s chemtrail rejection; JCD: “there’s way too much news!”
0:02:40Producer Segment
0:10:41Gen. Stanley McChrystal resigns over Rolling Stone profile, Jon Stewart mainstream media “remarkable access” compilation, “approximately 11:04 Eastern Standard Time the American news media finally realized they kind of suck”; journalist Michael Hastings “personal friend of Rachel Maddow”; replacement David “Mr. Medal” Petraeus, deliberate torpedoing of career after 60 Minutes interview and memo leak, JCD: media “completely suckered into the story”
0:18:43Obama: McChrystal interview “erodes the trust that’s necessary for our team to work together”, unelaborated-on “strict code of conduct”, self-contradictory “democracy depends on institutions that are stronger than individuals”, “this decision is necessary” vs resignation, mission to “disrupt, dismantle, and defeat al-Qaeda”, “make no mistake, we have a clear goal: we are gonna break the Taliban’s momentum, we are gonna build Afghan capacity”; Petraeus’ laundry list of injuries and chip implant; Limbaugh & Hannity calling out Obama as crybaby
0:29:43Dianne Feinstein takes on Ken Salazar’s reorganization of Minerals Management Service, “I want to be clear”, MMS “failed in its duty”, “complete jabroney” Michael Bromwich dodges question by blathering management-speak; Obama on “new energy strategy”, JCD on multiple leak-cam angles in “BP-roll”, judge overturns drilling moratorium over administration lies
0:44:10JCD on “Obama wants out” theory, family as potential excuse, potential candidate Petraeus, contrarian Limbaugh “three terms” theory; Rahm Emanuel and Blagojevich trial
0:47:51Joe Biden setting stage for ACTA with “counterfeits kill” speech: “knock-off tires that fall apart at 65 miles per hour”, JCD: “my tire’s made of cardboard!”, “piracy is theft … it’s smash and grab”; ACTA to criminalize peer-to-peer software, “imminent infringement” pre-crime
0:54:53Melanie Phillips’ The World Turned Upside Down added to No Agenda book club, absurdity of global warming, “those who defend religion are consigned to outer darkness as imbeciles or insane”, “cultural totalitarianism”; ACC’s dinner with The Art of Seduction author Robert Greene, The 33 Strategies of War; more Phillips for end of show
1:02:46Dutch politician Ahmed Marcouch calls for use of lok-Jood “bait Jews” to fight anti-Semitism
1:03:56Donation Segment: Paul McCartney compares global warming and Holocaust denialism
1:10:53Nothing to See Here: delirium over US getting past World Cup first round with single win, ACC irked by use of “nil”; The Fix author Declan Hill predicts match fixers on the prowl
1:17:12Plane full of Australian mining executives dead in Africa, Kevin Rudd replaced by warmist Julia Gillard; Jon Voight to Sean Hannity on Show 209’s Aboul-Gheit Obama Muslim claim
1:23:35Earthquake machine zaps Quebec, CSIS warning of government infiltration by foreign spies
1:27:42Nancy Pelosi beware: scientists warn that Botox may interfere with ability to feel emotion
1:30:31British child attacked after pulling fox tail, horse-riding fox
1:32:53The Onion: “at current usage levels, Miley Cyrus will be drained of entertainment value by 2013”; Mark Zuckerberg predicts a billion Facebook users, JCD: “gold mine” for spooks
1:38:35KION In-N-Out Burger status PSA; slaves lining up for iPhone 4, Apple employee “Alpha”: AT&T plans to spy on unlocked phones; news of Level 3 haywire router on Twitter; unlocked iPhones “phoning home”; Skype dropping connections at mention of Apple and Bilderberg
1:45:10Genetically engineered mosquitoes with glowing eyes; thumbs-up for Monsanto GMO alfalfa; Michelle Obama’s “we have to eliminate food deserts in this country”