Call Clooney!

210 Medical Marijuana (2010-06-21)

Show 210 album art
0:00:00JCD: “That guy was a dick, that military guy.” (0:53:37)
0:00:35Happy bogus Father’s Day; stream banned in Ireland; ACC apologizes for previous show’s attack on JCD and family, JCD: “we’ll let it slide”
0:04:31Two-to-the-head explosion for Silicon Valley alternative energy inventor Tyson Larson, “coincidental” Simi Valley SWAT training exercise down the street; John Stossel now a full-blown libertarian; Stephen Colbert’s audience shills; Larson’s “hydroxy booster” experiments
0:12:09Producer Segment
0:14:52ACC’s 3D Toy Story 3 experience: “I enjoyed it from beginning to end”
0:17:08JCD’s Hotel del Coronado recommendation for ACC’s San Diego trip, oyster poisoning plot with Micky, “phenomenal” toll road 73, hotel run by millennials and Mexicans, 5.7 magnitude earthquake, gold-flecked beach on noisy approach to “really busy” Navy base, JCD’s pre-9/11 visit, unmarked Lear jets with unreadable tail numbers, “haunted” room already taken
0:28:00Port Chester NY elects Hispanic trustee after allowing six votes on single candidate, JCD ballot-box stuffing comparison, “cumulative voting”; no government yet in Netherlands
0:35:18World Cup vuvuzela 24/7 and rigged games; JCD story: audio cassettes stolen at Nairobi Airport and soldiers shaking down tourists; bribery and fixing scandals over the years, teams owned by Russian oligarchs; Lakers NBA Championship “calm night” pandemonium, JCD on LA as “next Detroit”, Mexican flags flying, zero arrests “free pass”, 40-year cycle
0:45:46Pinal County Arizona calls for federal law enforcement to fight Mexican drug cartels, JCD: “I’m waiting for them to retake the Alamo”
0:48:48Sean Hannity to John Stossel: “crack addicts will kill”, Harvard professor Jeffrey Miron: “there are no data that support anything like that”, Dutch “virtual legalization” of marijuana, ACC on hard-to-get driver’s licenses; JCD on air pollution legislation creating “temporary” bureaucracy; SWAT team killing family dog for small amount of marijuana, “justifiable shooting”, mayor’s “four-hour nightmare” with SWAT “business as usual”; DEA barrage of lies, Prohibition and Constitutional amendment, the left vs states rights “Silicon Valley Obama nuts” petition for NPR & PBS funding
1:13:06Donation Segment: JCD’s Boardwatch recipes
1:22:05And Now Back to Real News: JCD on Pretty Wild reality show with “a girl who apparently does nothing but cry for a half an hour”, Bling Ring celebrity thieves, “that’s what they say in the secret!” positive energy cult, shot in rental house near ACC, wailing iso; Bernie Goldberg: reality shows “cheapen the culture”, Maury Povich “makes Jerry Springer look like he’s the host of Masterpiece Theater”; JCD on “dimwit” Abby Sunderland, Springer fee schedule
1:38:07Segway-riding LA BID Business Improvement District “police”, “mall cops with guns”, Hollywood homeless & juvenile “outreach”
1:42:30New York Times on educational goal of discouraging close friendships; Robert Klein Medical Marijuana song for end of show; drunk Rep. Bob Etheridge “who are you?” assault on student
1:47:33Tech “journalist” Hunted: The Demon’s Forge review: “when do I get it, when do I convince my friends to buy it?”; Facebook revenue exposé prediction, “virtual broccoli for their FarmVille
1:51:56BP PR company Brunswick “top lawyers, … top journalists”; JCD story: talking PR people into writing InfoWorld articles for him
1:57:1917 Afghan military at Lackland Air Force Base AWOL; US Suez Canal saber-rattling at Iran
2:01:11Politico “Reforming Wall Street” sponsored by Citibank; another $1T for Fannie & Freddie