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20 Never Say No to a Soldier (2008-03-06)

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0:00:20Ziff-Davis files for Chapter 11; recording on Thursday rather than Friday
0:03:22Listener message on milk protecting porcelain from thermal shock; JCD on Lipton originating teabag string, French silk teabags, new plastic mesh; ACC National Insurance Number interviewer leaving UK for Spain, tax increases in response to binge drinking, 24-hour pub hours and crime decrease, JCD on history of British drinking, CBC’s This Hour Has 22 Minutes portrayal of British, American view of Netherlands: wooden shoes replaced by hookers & drugs, nothing made there any more, no more “I want my bicycle back” jokes about Germany
0:20:00Iceland film song You Can’t Say No to a Soldier; ACC on US vs UK versions of Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares; 99 Words for Boobs song, JCD: “I’m downloading it now”
0:31:28EU to approve Google-Doubleclick merger, JCD blog numbers up and AdSense revenue down since show started, Currys retail outlet; JCD on “screwy” ad numbers; Ask Jeeves’ switch to Ask, ACC’s pre-IPO investment; JCD’s nonexistent Google thought experiment
0:47:54Adweek on BRIC Brazil, Russia, India, China fashion industries, ACC at Dutch fashion show hugging models, divorce faux pas
0:52:11Feedback from female listener; e-mails on money making strategies; JCD calls for elevator secret codes; upcoming Apple event, Andrew Horowitz video on similar AOL & Yahoo page layouts, AOL “rudderless ship” without Steve Case; JCD’s seamless e-mail hosting arrangement with Marc Perkel