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208 Fat China (2010-06-13)

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0:00:00JCD: “Seventeen shrimp club.” (1:36:31)
0:00:37ACC still sick with stomach flu or norovirus
0:01:59Producer Segment: NAG No Agenda Gathering meetup in “Gitmo Nation Castanets”
0:08:39No Agenda Art Generator at
0:09:466% increase in Mevio dental insurance; sinister adult pertussis vaccine ad with coughing baby
0:12:28PFC Bradley Manning outed and arrested for leaking classified documents including Apache attack video, MIA second video, 260k State Department “cables”, ACC: “what are these from, like, the Eisenhower administration?”, Vatican sex scandal documents
0:18:12American Thinker article “A Shrink Asks: What’s Wrong with Obama?” schizotypal disorder theory, ACC: “oh my God, I have this!”, “like your strange cousin Becky who is addicted to astrology, believes she is psychic, and is the oddball at social gatherings”, sexual abuse theory
0:25:43Alvin Greene’s surprise win in South Carolina Senate primary, “RNC plant” theory, long silences and rambling to PBS The Big Picture and Keith Olbermann, 2009 “felony obscenity” arrest, Sen. James Clyburn calls for $10k filing fee investigation, Greene: “I had just a few meetings”; South Carolina Sen. Jake Knotts on “raghead” Nikki Haley running for governor
0:39:29Financial Times: FBI preparing to arrest mortgage defaulters for falsifying applications
0:43:31South Africa World Cup broadcast with mind control buzzing, billion-dollar stadium and Haiti parallel; 2006 Globe Trekker Johannesburg promotion, Soweto “happening neighborhood”; Julius Malema Shoot the Boer theme, Zimbabwe fractal, Malema to News Night: “it’s always been our ambition to live like whites”, abundance of mineral resources; Chinese poised to move in, Goldman Sachs all-in on investment; white flight and murder of white farmers
1:01:14Donation Segment
1:07:12NASA on solar activity uptick, National Academy of Sciences “space weather events” alarmism
1:09:35Unemployment as hiring barrier vs work as producer of podcast digital radio show
1:11:37North Carolina woman saved by neighbors from rabid fox; JCD’s Prius-counting game, experience with rental, ACC on friend Rudy Sarzo’s Prius
1:16:52Revised Pristiq ad with black woman and wind-up doll; producer note on Chantix dreams: “fighting demons and devils with a sword”, uncle who “became a zombie” and disappeared at doctor’s office; “hostility, agitation, depressed mood, and suicidal thoughts or actions” ad revisited, JCD: “and of course now she’s butchered all her kids and committed suicide”
1:27:02Deepwater Horizon cameras everywhere, “new 9/11” meme, Rolling Stone fearmongering; Vladimir Kucherov predicts oil spreading across Atlantic over 70 years; IDF flotilla incident video and Blue Stream 2 gas pipeline, original Blue Stream built by Enron; price of shrimp
1:38:01News Night experts on Germany as “consumer of last resort” for EU economy, Robert Gates in Brussels begging for NATO budget status quo
1:41:25Laundry list of negative health effects of prolonged sitting: “increase in deaths from all causes”; TSA naked body scanners and obscured faces, detection of “one-inch square packet of cocaine”
1:48:21PBS on Chinese “traditional thinking” that children should be fat: “this concept, of course, is wrong”; Fat China author on one-child policy and “six pocket syndrome” in spoiled children, WHO 5-10% youth obesity figure; Obama Executive Order 13544 for National Prevention, Health Promotion, and Public Health Council, “lifestyle behavior modification”, “sedentary behavior”; Draeger interlocks for drugs and nicotine on the horizon, ACC: “you’ll have a sitting-on-your-ass bracelet that will go off when you’re sitting on your ass!” (ACCPPotD)