Call Clooney!

207 What do you call Soy milk? (2010-06-10)

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0:00:00ACC: “That is really a great job, some really good information there, baby, yay!
JCD: “It’s unbelievable.” (0:50:31)
0:00:41ACC greets the human resources, “disk jockey cure” Imodium deployed, “congratulations” on qualifying for Social Security $2474 in benefits, “compact between generations”, 2016 shortfall propaganda, “thanks for the million bucks, you’re worth more dead than you are alive!
0:08:04Producer Segment
0:12:03ACC on boring Mevio meetings, JCD recommends dumping bottle of water over his head
0:13:19British actor prescribed Chantix clone Champix waterboards girlfriend with shower head, heart attack in court; producer note on wife with lupus asking about Thursday’s show in ICU
0:17:52Dutch “purple plus” coalition marginalizing Geert Wilders; JCD predicts Carly Fiorina as first president, genial “gratuitous smile”, “grumpy” Barbara Boxer’s ineptness, “rhetoric over reality” aimed at Obama, Reagan-style “I have never voted before” tale, JCD: “what a crock”
0:30:39Producer notes on Draeger interlock device installation and inspection fees, “rolling retest” blowing while driving, GPS tracking and remote shutoff, MADD pressure to require of first offenders, malfunction as legal defense; Scottish police head blames alcohol for 14 murders
0:41:26Hartford Hospital study finds little effect of driving stoned other than slowing down, “more easily distracted after smoking, no big surprise there”; Washingtonians too high to sign proposal; ACC’s stoned helicopter landing; JCD predicts no noticeable effect from CA legalization
0:46:34And Now Back to Real News: Laura Ling names daughter Li Jefferson Clayton after Bill Clinton; WNYW “soy jism” revisited; Extra “great information” on Kate Hudson sighting
0:51:12Fiorina unemployment speech vs Gavin Newsom green economy rant
0:53:35Gulf “ocean floor is cracked” meme and oil industry shutdown, $101 December 2018 oil futures, New Orleans as Haiti; ACC’s upcoming Howard Stern interview; Schlumberger Ltd leaving Deepwater Horizon in a hurry; JCD story: Union Oil night shift running at unsafe capacities
1:05:47Donation Segment: JCD Uitgeest “Egg Toast”; James Taylor shilling for PBS “beg-a-thon”
1:11:59Robert Strang to Fox News’ Rosanna Scotto on looking for terrorists among school “losers” like the homeschooled; Robert Gibbs on Obama’s search for “whose ass to kick”, CNN panelist to Don Lemon “the kind of racialized language that fools like Matt Drudge and people on the right use”, whites nervous because “the big bad black man is raising his voice”
1:19:42CIA running Afghan heroin through Russia; NCIS CIA draining bank account meme; JCD predicts withdrawal from Afghanistan by 2012; Russ Feingold to Tavis Smiley on need to get out of “occupation”, Blackwater up for sale, $100bn base under construction, no mention of Iraqi occupation, JCD predicts Carter-style hostage crisis, Zbigniew Brzezinski influence
1:30:38Gates Foundation mobile banking scheme to “give Haitians control over their cash”, JCD: “Marie Antoinette has nothing on these guys!”; Schumer pushing “burner phone” ban; SamKnows “secret sauce” Netgear partnership, obfuscated whois information
1:40:29£142 TV license overstated, internet connections also covered; Top Gear “rubbish” for F-150
1:42:15Trains Good Planes Bad: iPhone 4 using high-speed train glass, JCD on questionable logic of routing 200 mph train through Bakersfield; Wall Street Journal on TSA sending good-looking women to naked body scanners; woman drugged and robbed of jewelry on Continental flight
1:51:55Scotland Yard still “dusting for paw prints” in fox attack, Brian May not all-in on fox hunting
1:53:36Sinkhole outbreak in China; EU and Google data retention, Caffeine SEO arms race
1:55:55Nothing to See Here: Sarah Palin boob job rumors; outro: not-so-tech-savvy Howard Stern