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206 Cameras as Weapons (2010-06-06)

Show 206 album art
0:00:00JCD: (falsetto)A-maaa-zing!” (1:07:59)
0:00:39No White House D-Day acknowledgment, ACC’s grandfather’s role in Normandy invasion; ACC mea culpa predicting UK fox attacking only one baby; porn star Stephen Hill falls to death after LAPD tasing, Palin: Erection ’08 Obama role, JCD: “they lost another Obama”
0:06:52Producer Segment: ACC triggers breakfasting Australian with Kevin Rudd
0:12:15ACC on Directors Guild of America screening of Sex and the City 2: “stay away, bad!”
0:14:56Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly report: WHO swine flu pandemic scientific advisors had close ties to vaccine and antiviral manufacturers, Margaret Chan invokes “transparency”, ahem bullshit!” stinger, Health and Human Services “spokeshole” brushes aside notion of corporate influence; ABC News finally notices “flu-like symptoms” are on the decline; BDNF Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor therapy to wipe out painful memories
0:22:47Simon Glik arrested for filming Boston police, “cameras as weapons” meme, UK Terrorism Act section 44, Anthony Graber arrested for filming Maryland traffic stop, JCD recommends anonymous YouTube account and proxy server, wiretap via “interception device” camera
0:26:25FTC proposes “media overhaul”, license fees for aggregators like Drudge Report, “your fading business model, which is in the toilet already, is going to worsen because you’re a fucking idiot!” (JCDPPotD), journalism license prediction, proposed 5% tax on news-reading devices; £350 UK TV license, CVC’s broken antenna and menacing “you’re in the database” letters
0:34:05Obama weekly address from Louisiana shrimp boat, Terrebonne Parish President Michel Claudet on negative economic impact of drilling ban on residents, St. Bernard Parish President Craig Taffaro: “I would be betting the plan is to let us die”; hurricane season prospects
0:43:02Deepwater Horizon “sabotage” and Halliburton Bolivia operation; Transocean CEO Steven Newman’s Bollywood video; Medvedev calls for global ecological catastrophe fund; $1bn for Canada G20 meeting security, Bill Gates attending “medical conference” Bilderberg meeting
0:51:47Tom Vilsack “opportunity”-studded talking points for C-SPAN on rural America, “know your farmer, know your food” program; rise of herbicide-resistant“superweeds” and gene pollution
0:57:56Donation Segment: NPR CEO Vivian Schiller’s five revenue streams; Ziff-Davis sold
1:06:36And Now Back to Real News: Jimmy Kimmel reality show “amazing” compilation
1:08:59Video of UFO spiral over Eastern Australia; Falcon 9 launch at Kennedy Space Center, JCD on Vandenberg AFB launches; 15-year-old Indian listener draws parallel between Guatemala sinkhole and Mars; JCD rephrases Reuters anti-Republican word usages
1:17:23Obama victory lap in spite of weaker-than-expected jobs report, “half a million new jobs”
1:18:51Accusations of racism over Show 205 reporting on Gaza flotilla raid; Emmett Tyrrell on intellectual debate turning into monologue; JCD on Israelis and Palestinians yelling at each other; Greek producer note on “appalling” educational system, socialist indoctrination, taxes based on value of all property; EU opening up the doors on GMOs
1:28:38Producer note on UCSB Social Host Ordinance alcohol crackdown over “developing brains”; Doctor Who end credits with link to BBC anti-alcohol propaganda; ZombieFit exercise class in Illinois with parkour practice; JCD recommends Shaun of the Dead
1:39:40The Guardian article by Adrian Wolmar: singleminded pursuit of high-speed rail “baffling”
1:40:36Democrats urge FCC to allow ISP throttling, ACC’s Time Warner Cable woes JCD: “squirrels”
1:44:1026-foot statue of Egyptian death god Anubis exhibit “standing guard” at Denver International Airport, artist killed by piece of Mustang statue; Operation Blackjack multi-city nuclear attack