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205 Two Ugandans One Cup (2010-06-02)

Show 205 album art
0:00:00JCD: “I don’t know why they would blow a hole in the country.” (1:18:47)
0:00:39Producers confused by Wednesday evening show
0:02:16British taxi driver kills 12 in Cumbria shooting rampage, Dunblane massacre parallel, recent wave of child pornography stories; no invitations to Bilderberg Group meeting
0:08:52Producer Segment
0:18:24British Airways Osama bin Laden electronic boarding pass
0:21:57And Now Back to Real News: Jesse James sighted in Long Beach
0:23:02Nancy Pelosi to Catholic Community Conference: “my favorite word is The Word”
0:25:22Racist Bill Maher on Obama’s BP oil spill visit, “heck of a job, Brownie”, “he lifts up his shirt so they can see the gun in his pants”; Washington Insider on Obama and Emanuel membership in Man’s Country gay bath house, Trinity Church “Down Low Club” gay matchmaking service, “body man” Reggie Love, fifteen-minute visits “ample time for fellatio”; Jon Stewart mocks Obama’s distractions from BP spill: “you made time for Marv Albert?”
0:34:40Fox News freaking out over BP oil spill; JCD on Carter’s oil spill and Iran hostage crisis; CIA-run National Enquirer; “maniac” Tipper Gore ditches Al
0:41:29Producer notes on outrageous cost of DUI interlock devices; World Health Organization “global strategy to confront the harmful use of alcohol”, “incidence and clinical outcomes of infectious diseases such as tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS and pneumonia”, “global governance”; JCD on John Birch Society “get US out! of the United Nations” bumper stickers; NPR on “particularly toxic effect” on adolescent brain, JCD: “stop the presses: alcohol will get you intoxicated!”
0:51:39Bogus ENF electrical network frequency analysis forensic tool for timestamping audio
0:55:01Shoe-stealing fox in Rheinland-Palatinate; JCD predicts push for UK shotgun ban; BBC on Afghan street children, JCD: “why don’t you, lady, give her some damn bread!
1:02:15Donation Segment: producer proposes ACC as TWiT guest; Dvorak Interlude on stream
1:09:12Ugandan Pastor Martin Ssempa on homosexual “anal leecking”, “even poo-poo comes out … and then they eat the poo-poo”, “now if we have any children, please step out”, “the other person is poo-pooing, and this one is eating the poo-poo all over the place”
1:16:23Guatemala sinkhole and 9/11-style energy weapon, oil discovery, ACC: “they were cleaning their HAARP and it went off”; earthquake off Okinawa and PM Yukio Hatoyama’s resignation
1:23:43Goldman Sachs’ $266M BP divestiture prior to oil spill; Fox News on BP’s 760 “egregious and willful” OSHA violations, CEO Tony Hayward apologizes for “I’d like my life back”; JCD on 1970s gas rationing, solar panel mathematics, oil business “unbelievable money machine”
1:35:58Turkish provocation in Gaza flotilla raid, “coincidental” shelling of Iraqi Kurds in cooperation with Iran, JCD on EU encouraging erosion of Turkish secularism; Russia selling arms to Syria, Bashar al-Assad’s Syria-Turkey-Iran “triple alliance”; Rahm Emanuel’s Israel trip
1:44:11“Flesh-eating” cocaine contaminated with worm medicine levamisole
1:45:47Time Warner CEO on NCTA Las Vegas Cable Show panel taking credit for Lord of the Rings and Avatar, Les Moonves on DVR as “friend to content”; ACC on The Hurt Locker as well-made story-less propaganda
1:53:34ACC on Lady Gaga as Madonna fractal “Illuminati puppet”; awkward satellite-delayed Larry King interview “the King and the Lady”; ACC microphone woes
1:57:42BBC on sex tourism in Brazil, child prostitute’s mother: “she doesn’t bring any money home”
1:59:31Outro: JCD spluttered explanation of afternoon Show 206 due to travel plans