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204 Oil Spill Déjà vu (2010-05-30)

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0:00:00JCD: “Aauuuuhhh…” (1:02:07)
0:00:40Presidential proclamation: National {Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender, Caribbean-American Heritage, Ocean, African-American Music Appreciation} Month
0:03:08Producer Segment: Germany wins Eurovision Song Contest, JCD: “this is really terrible”
0:12:46Obama on duty “to make sure that everybody in the Gulf understands this is what I wake up to in the morning, and this is what I go to bed at night thinking about”, Malia’s “did you plug the hole yet, Daddy”; Media Matters condemns Glenn Beck for lame imitation “smear”
0:21:32Rachel Maddow on 1979 Trans-Alaska Pipeline System shutdown and Ixtoc I spill in Gulf of Mexico, JCD: “sounds like a playbook!”; JCD’s friend the junk science book peddler
0:30:25Sarah Ferguson interview with Oprah, Celebrity Apprentice speculation, JCD: Donald Trump “P.T. Barnum”, Carol Doda Golden Gate Bridge nude publicity stunt
0:34:26UK fox hunting ban, shoe-stealing fox in CVC’s apartment, Micky looking for “the fox ate my baby” story in News of the World; Jesse James “clip of the week”
0:37:29“All Hell breaking loose” in Jamaica with Christopher “Dudas” Coke drug dealing and martial law, Predator drones in the air; $1.27bn deal with IMF, mining data for Geological Society of England, Rep. Yvetee Clark calls for US intervention to “stop the violence”; BP relief wells, CNN glee over lower gas prices; JCD on California’s lack of control over its own resources
0:46:20ACC: Taxi Eric “ready to go to war” with Greece over bailout; JCD on Greek “gosh-awful” retsina wine; ACC’s trip to Nobu, JCD on allowing himself to be taken to dinner there
0:54:27Producer note on SCRAMx slave bracelets and “neo-prohibitionist” MADD, founder Candy Lightner alienated, for-fee VIP Victim Impact Panels, JCD on living near Baptist; JCD on marching in Berkeley against Vietnam War, “fuck ya” draft-dodging friend
1:02:01Donation Segment: “Salt Must Die” promotions for Salt film
1:08:34Joy Behar all-in on Ground Zero mosque, Daisy Khan on support from “peaceful families”, “it’s really for the community”; ACC on massive distraction from ten-year 9/11 anniversary; PJ TV “former terrorist” Walid Shoebat on Sharia law infiltrating democracies
1:22:34Inside Edition breaking news: Gary Coleman dead at 42 and Jesse James’ stepmother
1:24:15“Jabroney” traced to Italian, The Bachelorette use; Tyra Banks Show looping applause track
1:26:32Obama Memorial Day green screen video, JCD: “they’ve got the top of his head cut off!”
1:31:19Producer note on Foxconn suicide rate lower than national average, “iPhone suicide factory”
1:33:43Insider note on Afghan opium being collected from military by “another agency”; National Security Strategy to focus on homegrown terrorism and the internet; Tavis Smiley to Ayaan Hirsi Ali on ubiquitous terrorist acts by Christians; H.R.1955: “the internet has aided in facilitating violent radicalization … and the homegrown terrorism process in the United States”
1:44:53115 dead in Indian train derailment blamed on sabotage by Maoist rebels
1:45:28AP quotes tweet from Virginia Madsen on death of Dennis Hopper; ACC story: interviewing Hopper on car trip to JFK airport, Madsen known for “blowing crew members”
1:47:58John Stossel quotes electric car headline from 1915; Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk broke, Department of Energy $500M loan program, nickel mining for batteries “ecological disaster”
1:51:31Exorbitant Australian mining tax, ACC: “nationalization is next!”; Access Hollywood summary
1:54:53Overproduced CurrentTV piece on Pastor Martin Ssempa and Ugandan anti-gay law
2:00:39Joe Biden Naval Academy commencement speech with MLK cadence, “repair to our shores”, bogus claim to have met “every world leader”; Brussels “capital of the free world” revisited